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June 27 , 2019
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Supra Sphere

 ( PsyTropic ,  Nov. 2005 )

1. Genetic Spin - Chemical Principles 144 bpm 06:20 2. NOK - System Damage 145 bpm 08:25 3. Cosmic Tone - Liquid Dwarf 140 bpm 08:00 4. InterSys - SychoActive 144 bpm 06:16 5. PsyNina - Cosmic Indian 142 bpm 07:30 6. Mexican Trance Mafia - We Let You Know 145 bpm 07:33 7. Mahamudra - 4th Dimension 145 bpm 08:10 8. Smuhg - Virus 143 bpm 06:26 9. Sidhartha - Whispers 146 bpm 07:12 10. System Nipel - Unlimited 144 bpm 07:46

This is the third release by the Geman label PsyTropic Records. The album features 10 previously unreleased tracks compiled by the PsyTropic label DJ Daniel Fly. PsyTropic is a label that called my attention because of their care for their costumers, everything here is on the highest possible quality, the bpm and track times are printed on the back of the CD case and on the CD itself, which is perfect for DJs. Also the CD itself is pressed in so high quality that it shines... Haven't notice this before so I checked my collection and the PsyTropic CDs are different from the others in this aspect, the ink is plain on the surface of the CD and it gives a nice shining aspect. And the booklet is full of positive messages like a special thanks to the buyer:"Special thanks go to you as listener and buyer of this original Audio-CD product. I am really glad that there are still individuals like you who like quality music without any cut frequency and original cool designed CDs and Booklets! "And on the back of the CD case: "Enjoy the Original! Copy kills your psymusic step by step!" Not only that, but every PsyTropic release came out of the pressing with a complete explanation about the album name. The mastering was made by Sidhartha. Cover: The cover was designed by Jan Morawec and shows an abstract picture, sort of an smooth fractal explosion, well you can see for yourself.
The album begins with this 144 bpm, funky track... This Genetic Spin track (T1) is really groovy until some guy says: "Close your eyes and say something" and a girl replies: "That was fucking trippy..." then a powerful bass line arrives. Good track to start the compilation, lots of effects, different bass lines and just a tinny hypnotic touch, I like it. System Damage (T2) is the longest here. Some "Sitar-like" effects and a loud and noisy bass line arrives. I don't like this bassline, don't know if it's the mastering, but it sounds too loud in comparison with the other elements. In spite of it, the track is a full on bomb and the bass line also got a break-like part that makes me dance. The slower part in the middle of the track and the end is also nice. Cosmic Tone bring us something steadier, not fast only 140 bpm, the slowest bpm on the album. Kind of hypnotic stuff, although it's not my style (I mean, not my style to play at parties), I'm sure a lot of people will like it, it clearly a well-produced track, featuring a lot of different and interesting bass lines, multi-colored layers of melodies and effects. Sure a good one to listen at home. With SychoActive (T4) InterSys kept the quality level from their last release on PsyTropic. This track is another blaster, packed with some interesting samples: "When he intoxicated himself accidentally he discovered a very powerful psychoactive substance... planned self experiment..." The track develops naturally until the sample "Psychedelics opened my mind to some new spaces..." and we're confronted with the true melodic nature of the track. All these different effects, bass lines and melodies make me dance, it's one of my favorite tracks on this album. PsyNina introduces us to the Cosmic Indian (T5) that tell us about the lung of the world: the forest. Interesting sample. Completely different from all tracks before, this is a night tune. PsyNina bring us some screams, effects and a nasty kick. The Mexican Trance Mafia bring us nother steady track on a full on way, some effects composing a weird kind of melody and always matching the bass made me dance... Sure it's good to dance to, I only dislike the "small breaks" on the track that sometimes sounds wrong, but other than that it's a joyful ride. 4th Dimension (T7)is is a groovier approach to a stead kind of track. The first bass line is envolving and there are many discrete sounds that makes this track unique. Then we got these guy speaking a really fast sample in a language I don't know and another groovy, smooth, but still powerful bass line makes me jump. A lot of variation, a bit of experimentalism and just a pinch of power are the ingredients to this successful track. Smuhg presents a lot of noise on this 143 bpm track, full of effects and different bass lines it's a night tune. But it's different from the usual stuff, the bass lines are weird and not that ever pounding bass we're used to hear at parties. I liked the middle more than the end, overall it's a nice production. We're now listening the faster track on this album. Sidhartha is Nuno Santos also known as Dj Eksco from Portugal, he is also responsible for the mastering of this album. He made a night tune with many different bass lines, right on my taste, one of the good stuff here. An ever morphing track, many layers of sounds developing into something new. Good Job! Closing this compilation with great style is System Nipel with this pearl (T10). Unlimited are the adjectives I could use to describe this impressive track. It's a concise track, all elements are tied together, but still there's a lot of variation. The music is always morphing and the different melodies bond all with a touch of emotion. Surely it's a special track, it touched my heart.
Once again PsyTropic Records managed to put together a robust, diversified and well produced compilation. Not only this release contains 10 previously unreleased tracks with total playtime near 74 minutes, but also the tracks are different from each other and effective on the dance floor.

Recomendation:  One more time I recommend this PsyTropic release for the eclectic psy listener, those who attempt to listen and play different stuff, but don't want to give away the effectiveness. If you care about the quality of the originals in your collection, nice artwork and booklet, this was enginnered for you.
Favorites: 4(!), 5, 7, 9, 10(!!).

Review by : full_on.

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