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June 24 , 2019
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Talamasca & XSI - One

 ( Parabola / Mind Control ,  Apr. 2009 )

1. Talamasca & XSI feat. Nomad- The Frequency 7:34 2. Spacecat & Pixel- Speedy Tour (Talamasca & XSI remix) 7:35 3. Talamasca & XSI- Tribalagan 7:56 4. Talamasca & XSI- Play the Game 7:19 5. Talamasca- Aries 2009 (XSI remix) 8:12 6. Talamasca & XSI- Hardest we Can! 7:33 7. XSI- Still Here (Talamasca remix) 8:14 8. Talamasca & XSI- Something you Know 7:56 9. Talamasca & XSI- A Smile on your Face 8:20

Talamasca needs no introduction for most people. Cedric Dassulle has been in this scene for a long time now, pretty much since the beginning. In this album he teams up with XSI (Jean-Marc Segondy and Barthelemy Bayona) who are also not unknown in the full on scene with lots of compilation releases already and an album release in 2006, also on Mind Control Records. XSI seem to love collaborations and they also released a collaborations album on Phantasm Records, also in April 2009. Anyway, back to this release. Weíre talking standard full on here, with lots of wild moments at the end of most tracks, some really happy vibes, particularly in tracks 7-9 with some huge melodic influences. Most die-hards will probably count these off as being cheesy, but in my opinion these guys did a terrific job of keeping it in check, sounding really cool without becoming too childish. Kinda like Vibe Tribe or Aquatica also manage, but with a distinct Talamasca feel about it. Those that have listened to his previous albums like Musica Divinorum or Made in Trance will know what Iím talking about. Thereís this flow to the music, melodies float in and out seamlessly, without effort, always naturally. XSI has the influence of those massive melodies, particularly in Something you Know (T8) and Smile on your Face (T9). The whole thing sounds happy but psychedelic at the same time. A great effort. One minor gripe might be that this doesnít really feel like an album, more like a collection of tracks. Thereís no story between the tracks, one track stops, thereís a pause, and another begins. But hey, as I said, thatís a real minor gripe.

Recomendation:  Letís not waste any more words on this. Hereís the deal: there are no bad tracks on this, itís a great CD full of melodic and powerful full on, so if youíre looking for something like this, check this out! 70 minutes youíre likely to play for some time. I know I will.

Review by : Acidhive

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