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June 26 , 2019
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 ( Pukka ,  Sep. 2005 )

1. Z Machine - No Complication 7:33 2. Bliss - Out of the Chaos 8:07 3. Parrket - Harlequins Guard 8:41 4. Unnatural - New Mecca 7:02 5. Alternative Control feat Dj Aquapipe - The Other Side of the Scale 7:26 6. 220V vs Interactive - Alcohol 6:27 7. Inner Action - Restricted Files 7:03 8. Elec3 - Ambush 8:19 9. Eskimo - After Hours 7:15

Pukka Music is a relatively new label, with this release being the second after "Listen To Me Loud!!!" released last year. The style is varied fullon from all the spectrum - melodic, psychedelic and more. The cover art, as it was with their previous release, is very nice and quite amusing.
The first track on this compilation is No Complication by Z Machine. Developing slowly, adding one sound on top of another. A very fitting sample and a massive melody comes in - this can burn dancefloors! Bliss contributes Out of the Chaos to this CD. No melodies here - this is fast and twisted. One of the favorites here definitely. Parrket takes the trend even further, making an even more psychedelic track with some kind of gated vocals and lots of sounds flying all over. Amazing work! New Mecca by Unnatural is an attempt to make some oldschool styled track, but it doesn't work too much. Boring and below the level set by the previous 3 tracks. Aquapipe joins Alternative Control for the next track. This is a very impressive pure dancefloor fullon, melodic with a dark touch. Alcohol by 220V and Interactive has good ideas but the production level is parralel to that of Unnatural - below the level of this compilation imo. Inner Action brings back the high standard again with another twisted night fullon track, this time with added groove. Morning time comes with Elec3 - Ambush. It's an ok track, too much like previous tracks I heard from Elec3. Eskimo closes the compilation with After Hours. Also a favorite here - this is something I'd like to hear during sunrise.
This is a good compilation, excluding some tracks. It has a few hits together with big flops, fortunately the flops are very little and the hits are dominant here. The compilation follows a specific style, even though the tracks by themselves are very different. This is psychedelic night fullon at it's best (almost).

Recomendation:  Most of this are good tracks which will last long in your cd player, party, car, whatever. If you like this style, get it. If you don't - check out the samples and maybe you'll be surprised.

Review by : Mike A.

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