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June 27 , 2019
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Trash Art

 ( Tribal Vision ,  Dec. 2006 )

1. Roman Rai - Disco on the Mothership - 130 bpm 2. Nick Hogendoorn & Eelke Klein - Rabbit Whole - 129 bpm 3. Fitalic - Atomic Atmosphere (Thomas Penton rmx) - 130 bpm 4. Brisker & Magitman - Single Shot - 130 bpm 5. Tegma - David's Song - 130 bpm 6. Duca - Dirty Mind - 126 bpm 7. Phony Orphants - Monkey Business - 128 bpm 8. Flowjob - Run Baby Run (Antix rmx) - 130 bpm 9. Fitalic & Jaan - Voice of Istanbul - 130 bpm 10. Jaia & Silicon Sound aka Even 11 - Like This - 130 bpm

Tribal Vision Records is a progressive trance label based on Prague, Czech Republic. Since the beginnings of the label 2 years ago, Tribal Vision has worked hard to define its position on the progressive scene, and is enjoying great success with healthy sales and a plethora of releases. Originally a Czech DJ and party organization group founded in 2001, 2004 saw its expansion into a record label with an intent of bringing something fresh, exciting and innovative to the progressive scene.

This paragraph above is written on the 8 pages booklet that comes with all Tribal Vision releases. Interestingly enough, on their last release (VA - Lime Light 2) it was written "Tribal Vision Records is a progressive trance, house and electro label". The words "house and electro" were surgically removed, but this is probably their most house and electro influenced release.

The mastering was made by Charles "Triptych" Michaud and sounds as clean as anyone can demand.
The artcover was made by Lukas "Quapim" Opekar, Tribal Vision's webmaster and main designer, but in my opinion it is not as special as the music inside this release.

Roman Rai from Czech Republic opens the album with Disco on the Mothership (T1), a delightful track with incredible bass lines that makes me slide all over the dance floor. A sweet piece of music, everything is on the right place, it's soft but solid. The next Tribal Vision release will be a Roman Rai album, and I'm hoping for something as elaborated as this opening track, but with more surprises. Rabbit Whole (T2) by Nick Hogendoorn & Eelke Klein follow the same vibe, having well defined, but more diversified bass lines, and relies a bit more on melodic synths. Another great track and good choice after the Roman Rai track. Thomas Penton's remix to Fitalic - Atomic Atmosphere is our third track, and it does just as good as expected, or even better. It has an atomic atmosphere that explodes taking my feet out of the ground. An awesome remix, in my opinion better than the original which was already good. These first three tracks have a lot in common, they fit together very well and, in spite of lacking the psychedelic aspect, would alone assemble a winning compilation, but as usual with Tribal Vision there's no plastic waste here: the release time is more than 79 minutes.

I found Single Shot (T4) to be a nice track, Brisker & Magitman are established as respected producers on the progressive world, though I don't feel this track stand out here. The Tegma duo follow the same path, the track is nice and do the job on the floor, but is not between their best stuff. The Serbian Duca arrives with Dirty Mind (T6), my first contact with his music. This is a track that makes me dance and smile, among my favorites here, but I don't think I'd play this one, this is not my style, I'd rather dance to it than play it at a party.

I used to like Phony Orphants, but their last album was not my style. Here they present Monkey Business (T7), a funny track that remind me of some old dance tune which I can't remember the name. Danceable and diversified, this track is possible the most underrated track here. It's cheesiness sounds good to me, and let's face it, since this release does not present anything really innovative this Phony Orphants track works smoothly for me. And then we have the Antix remix to Flowjob's Run Baby Run (T8), which does not score as high as the original, being too calm to me. Voice of Istanbul (T9) is sort of a hymn, a good track with a persuasive atmosphere that caught me from the start, I have heard it before and it is one of the recommended tracks here. And closing the compilation we have Like This, an amazing track by Even 11, a "side" project by Silicon Sound and Jaia which only released good tracks up to now, wish all side projects were Like This. An awesome groovy track that shakes me all around, this is DJ Slate's happy ending.

After this long review I can't avoid writing about something that I think must be said. This is a very strong compilation, but the price to put together all these positive other genres' influences is that it lacks the psychedelic factor that makes the progressive psytrance releases so special. So yes, Tribal Vision is releasing top notch music as usual, but not as psychedelic and innovative as I would like to hear. So if you're a hardcore psy progressive fan maybe this won't fit your case, but be sure to check for yourself.

Recomendation:  If you liked the previous Tribal Vision releases you should check this one. DJ Slate managed to put together a handful of good tracks, following the electro and progressive house tendencies more than ever. In spite of having some very well produced tracks, this release let me down on the psychedelic side of town and also on innovation, so listening to the samples is recommended. Other the other hand, the release is excellent for home listening and to anyone who's into other genres influences.

Favorite tracks:1(!), 2, 3(!), 6, 7, 9, 10(!).

Review by : full_on

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