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July 14 , 2024
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Trust in Trance 3

 ( Phonokol / T.I.T. ,  1996 )


1. Astral Projection feat. DJ Jorg- Kabalah 9:28 2. Astral Projection- Enlightened Evolution 8:03 3. Astral Projection- The Feelings 7:23 4. Astral Projection- Utopia 9:38 5. Aban Don- Black & White 7:29 6. SFX- People Can Fly 9:55 7. Astral Projection + MFG- Radial Blur 7:40 8. SFX- Aurora Borealis 8:03 9. SFX- Still Dreaming (Anything Can Happen) 7:47

I found it really difficult to write about such a classic, as much as I'm familiar with this CD (and believe me I know every note), it's hard to put the music into words. For me, this is Astral Projection's best CD, powerful, optimistic, emotional- the essence of Goa trance.
This CD came out in Europe as "Astral Projection- Trust in Trance", but it's not really an album, Astral Projection's first real album was Dancing Galaxy. This one is more of a collection of great tracks made in different cooperations of Astral's (then) 3 members: Avi Nissim, Lior Perlmutter & Yaniv Haviv, hosting some friends. Nevertheless, it's a great CD with a real album feel to it.

The CD opens with the classic Kabalah, featuring DJ Jorg (SST), a happy full on track, grinding, and yet uplifting. Follows, Enlightened Evolution (T2), that starts mysteriously, with spacey sounds, submarine sonar beeps, cricket like scratches, and a slow beautiful building up of exactly 3 minutes till the full Astral Sound surrounds you from all directions, then it's up and down and all around. After that The Feeling (T3) hits you right from the start, a typical AP powerful rocking tune.
Utopia (T4), brings different sound, starting with a repetitive bouncing sound, accompanied by squeaky sound games, the track builds up slowly till that amazing hypnotic melodic line that made this track such a great party "hit", A line that never fails to bring a big smile to my face. It comes back off course to hit you again after a nice slow build up. Here you have almost 10 minutes of classically layered trance work of art. Avi and Yaniv as Aban Don bring us Black & White (T5), mysterious searching sounds turning into a full on tune with beautiful sound games.
People Can Fly (T6), is probably my all time favorite Astral Projection track (Lior & Avi, under the name SFX), and certainly their most famous one, happy, driving, atmospheric, with that amazing sample (taken from the words of David Duchovny in the movie Kalifornia, but given a whole new context), that says so much:

"When you dream there are no rules- people can fly, anything can happen.
Sometimes there's a moment as you're waking,
when you become aware of the real world around you,
but you're still dreaming...
you may think you can fly- but you better not try..."

This is followed by the most emotional morning build up ever made in trance music that made so many people fly, and they were not dreaming!
The ambient version of this one, Still Dreaming (Anything Can Happen) (T9), ends this CD, to float you out on the caressing waves of Astral sounds.
Radial Blur (T7), offers us a great cooperation between Astral Projection and MFG, very powerful combination here, I just love these UFO sounds in the beginning, and the great combined drive of five masters at work is well felt. You can find a beautiful chilled remix of this track, ending the Goa Vibes vol. 2 compilation from TIT.
Between these two, we have Aurora Borealis (T8), another happy dancing tune that fits right in.

Recomendation:  Astral Projection altered trance here- all classic tracks, very powerful and emotional- just great- a must for all trance lovers. Say no more!

Favorite tracks:1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8.

Review by : Shahar

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