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July 22 , 2024
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Trust in Trance

 ( Outmosphere / Phonokol ,  1994 )

1. Unnatu- Purification 8:29 2. Carribian Sunrise- From the Beginning 7:07 3. Aban Don- Journey Through Your Mind 8:53 4. Virtual Obsession- Before Dawn 7:23 5. Dazzle Pulse- Discourse 8:23 6. Dazzle Pulse- Dog Star 8:47 7. Aban Don- Crystal 7:58 8. SFX- Y-Salem 9:25 9. SFX- T.B. Light 6:13

This compilation is the first trance compilation from Outmosphere records (future TIT records) and among the first trance compilations in Israel and worldwide. The music here can't really be categorized as Trance- it's more of a blend between Acid, Techno and the very early Goa.

The opener is Unnatu- Purification. It starts in a very calm and atmospheric way but gets boring quickly as a result of repeating the same thing over again. When the beat kicks in we find a very fast acid track, with very primitive and unprofessional melodies. The next track is From the Beginning by Carribian Sunrise (T2). This track is slower, and much much better. It develops and you can definitely hear influence of Goa Trance although it's not really Goa. Very simple melodies, but this time they sound great! Aban Don's Journey Through Your Mind comes next. This track is tribal, psychedelic and very much what its name suggests, although it may take time for the mind to find the right path for this track. Although it has some interesting motives and ideas, it is rather boring in my opinion. The fourth track is Virtual Obsession- Before Dawn. It sounds a bit more up to date (except the sound, which is terrible like the rest of this album) with dreamy Goa melodies. One of my favorites on this compilation. Discourse by Dazzle Pulse is another boring track, except the end which is ok - nice melody and psychedelic strings! Dog Star (T6) is the better creation by Dazzle Pulse. Very psychedelic with nice structure and all sorts of animal noises in the background (everything but dogs). Crystal by Aban Don is one of the better tracks here with happy melodies, filter sweeps, and little psychedelic elements- Butterfly Trip style (from TIT2). SFX's Y-Salem is the following track and a real gem. It starts a bit annoying (or amusing, depends how you look on it). Soon it forms into a classic track with a complex structure and well-layered sounds. The strings and melodies are simply beautiful. The closing track is a successful combination of techno and melodic. Simple repetitive beat with very emotional melodies and atmosphere. The fade-out in the ends ruins the feeling a little, could have been done better.

Recomendation:  This is a must-have album in every collection. Get it for the nostalgic value, if not for the musical value. Remember- this is the beginning of Trance in Israel so don't expect brilliant sound or amazing musical pieces, although there are some fine tracks in here. My favorites: 4,6,7,8(!).

Favorite tracks:2, 4, 5, 6, 8.

Review by : Mike A.

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