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March 1 , 2021
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V-Tunes - Variable

 ( Ear Peaks ,  Oct. 2006 )

1. Kick-It (Album Version) (8:22) - 136 bpm 2. In The Heights (V-Tunes rmx) (9:10) - 134 bpm 3. Progression (Album Version) (9:49) - 134 bpm 4. Simple, Dirty & Side Chained (8:47) - 132 bpm 5. No One Forever (8:13) - 134 bpm 6. Tripple Experiment (8:26) - 134 bpm 7. Stupid Brain (8:26) - 127 bpm 8. Quadrad (9:56) - 130 bpm 9. Funky Angel (6:10) - 130 bpm

In 1998 two Israelis, (Avi & Nadi) started an underground music record shop with a tendency towards a hangout place but it came out with a little success because of the bad economic situation at that time. In 2002 it was revived, but this time as a label for production and promotion of mainly progressive music. Influenced by the vibe in it they both were making and attending at parties most of the time which aided them with big experience. At the moment they are working in three fronts, one in Germany, one in Israel with the help of Zombi and Huda-g and one in South Africa. The Domo label is under the umbrella of the Ear Peaks music group resulting with a lot of releases coming up and a full dj/artist rooster with magnificent professionals as Buttersonic, Quantize, Sensifeel, DJ Buju... Just to name a few.
The V-Tunes duo was founded in 2003 and it is consisted from two guys coming right from Switzerland. It's a blend from two different sides of the musical experience. One is the technical and the other is the musical, making an interesting mixture of progressive. Let us see what they've got.

Groovy, the well known German style is used for presenting this interesting piece as a starter with it's lush bass lines slowly crawling into our ears (T1). A more sturdy approach as we progress towards, filled with cubical sound effects, steady drumbeats, enthralling moments mashed up into nice builds of revel (T2). Loose in it's own way the journey takes us on a more serious ride, body-rocking at moments yet repetitive making it more hypnotic for the listeners (T3). Smooth disco beat craft, in an instantly likable manner, the boys are in dance-floor freak out mode giving us a standard patch work here (T4). A lot of variations of style is used, experimentation is the key factor here, ranging from Scando sounds to even more disco progressive house, crammed together emphasizing the duo's tune sense and filling the album with tracks also. As this album comes to an end we have another good sounding, deep piece (T8) worthy to play at a party, which is totally opposite from the cooing vocals and the funky beat at the end itself (T9).

Recomendation:  This album presents the progressive crossing over period when artists experiment until they get the right combination for the crowd. Nonetheless there are some good tracks on this album which deserve to be listened and played.

Favorite tracks:1,3!!, 8!

Review by : kikola

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