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June 20 , 2019
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VA - Drums and Roses Compiled by Dj Zombi

 ( Blue Tunes ,  Dec. 2007 )

1. Mute - Slow Moovz 2. Perfect Stranger - The Medicine 3. Brisker and Magitman - Ice Crusher 4. Manuel Duego - Black Hole 5. Lish vs Little Beat - Red Light 6. Astronivo - Rollover 7. Elegant Universe - Fractal 8. Guy J - Notorious

The old party junkie from the middle east Eli a.k.a. Dj Zombi with at lot of cd's and vinyls on his back, has compiled an interesting blend of tunes this time, oriented towards the minimal style, with which he presents the newest, hottest, grooviest and deepest modern music nowadays. Released on Blue Tunes, a new progressive label coming straight out of Germany, promoting top notch releases and having some bombs in the pipeline waiting to be dropped.

Kicking of with a mild groove! A slow easy going piece surely evolving into a head nodding beast, waiting for cocktails to catch up with the rest of the body parts (T1). Some evil may be lurking here... The minimal feeling is presented as the low and deep shifting bass, adds to the hypnotic beat along with the high end hats and the strange experimental snare. At the middle of the song the bass goes wild from one to two notes just adding to the groove. It takes a lot of listens and a special atmosphere in order to dig this (master)piece (T2). The feeling gets even serious with Brisker and Magitman, but to flow is just perfect for now. Harder saw tooth synthetics, reverbed effects, deep pads, some new age stuff here (T3). As we progress, the shift in the mood is felt, inevitably heralding the dance floor madness that is to come (T4). Clean two layered bass, one for the low frequencies and one for the middle ones, you can feel the Lish vibe here. Everything is mastered to perfection. At one point you think that something is missing but the very next moment you just put a big smile on your face knowing that the blasting waves coming from the speakers are more than enough (T5). This time the sounds are not as sharp as they were before, for which the collaboration consequences are felt trough it. A perfect dancing tune! We enter into a dynamic downhill path. Crunchy kick, afternoon beats and sunset glory, while it develops slowly until a turning point full of emotion we sit relaxed, chilling in front of the beach (T6). Rich in details and still simple, elegant, sounds a bit crippled in the beginning but it turns into a massive minimal beast, making you go up and down as the spacey effects and lurking percussions take you in, not realizing that you are already dance like crazy wanting more from that snare (T7). A great dance floor stormer! We reached to the end of this amazing story, closing the book with a satisfied look on our faces, waiting for the time pass by, the sounds to ferment into our psychic entity, putting a history mark for the generations to come.

Recomendation:  Taken by surprise, all I can say that there are only a few tracks for which I lack the bravery to play the on a party, despite the other ones who for sure will rock the dance floor. I recommend this cd to be played only on big and good sound systems so you can get the best of its production.

Favorite tracks:3! 4, 5!! ,7!!!

Review by : kikola

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