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March 21 , 2019
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VA - Nocturne

 ( Discovalley ,  Oct. 2003 )

01 – Kindzadza On Mushed Potato – Papaya juice - 7:46 (144 BPM) 02 – Fungus Funk – Mega Drummer - 7:01 (144 BPM) 03 – Freaking – Resident Evil – 9:27 (146 BPM) 04 – Parasense – Nori – 6:04 (145 BPM) 05 – Kindzadza – Up Stairs – 7:36 (147 BPM) 06 – Freaking – Kings Battle – 7:41 (149 BPM) 07 – Mononoke & The Wolves – Roxx – 6:41 (146 BPM) 08 – Fungus Funk – Porn Identity – 6:43 (144 BPM) 09 – Bushwackers – Just Like That – 7:27 (146 BPM) 10 – Hiden Track – 3:03 (120 BPM)

Nocturne is the first ever release of Discovalley Records. It features artists like Kindzadza, Fungus Funk and Parasense among others. This baby was released on 2003, and it has some real psychedelic pearls, and although this release has 5 years, the music, the sonorities are appellative and pretty actual.
But let us have a “dive” into the music:
The first track, Papaya Juice (T1) is produced by Kindzadza On Mushed Potato, and what does this producer name means, I have no idea; I mean, I know who Kindzadza is, but the rest of the name of the project, goes beyond my horizons, and even on the booklet reveals no information about this. Well, but let us hear the tune itself. This is a very groovy track by Kindzadza, full of rhythm and delicious psychedelic sounds. The BPM on this one goes around 144(!!) – And so, this is a rarity, I think, Kindzadza on low BPM´s? The sounds used by Leo, are his trademark; some real nice atmosphere resonances, mixed along some female singings. This music is an excellent appetizer for this CD. It gets things moving. Favorite.
Mega Drummer (T2) is the work by Sergei Prilepa, the man behind the Fungus Funk project. This track, I consider, has 2 phases: the first one, from beginning to almost 3:00 minutes, and then the second, from this time till the end. The first part, the track is very introspective, and minimalist; but at the 3:10, the track seems to suffer an explosion and it blooms like a flower, making the sounds more alive, more dynamic and more in your face. There are some interesting acid leads that will “pop your ears out”.
Now appears the longest track of the compilation, with 9:27 minutes called Resident Evil (T3), made by one of my all time favorite producers, Zolod along with Kristy – together they form the Freaking Project, but on this tune, it is only Zolod who participates. This music starts we are right away imbued on the danceable side of it – powerful kick and bass, with excellent work on hats – and what it is also very interesting is that I hear some leads that have some resemblances with old Infected Mushroom. But the rest of the ambiences of the track are pure Zolod style, great acid lines, twisted sounds, and an incredible harmony between all the sounds - something like only he can create. To me this is one of those tracks that you can melt with it. Super favorite.
Now we are in Nori (T4) track, made by Parasense – Alex and Zolod. It starts with some beautiful melodies, but this is only to fool you, don’t let be yourself mistaken by the sweet melodies - has soon has this is over we can hear the dry kick and bass that is a characteristic of this project, we also hear, here and then, some female and male samples throughout the track. The leads are just incredible, though sometimes the tune turns minimalist, there are great acid waves, very vibrant, never boring, and always surprising me all the way through of the track - it seems they never repeat the same sounds and it becomes a very appealing tune. Favourite.
Now we Go Up Stairs (T5), with Kindzadza showing the way. This track starts, and I am sure - I never heard it on a dance floor - but I am sure it will get everyone’s attention. This tune it’s just the way I like: powerful on kick and bass, but with a very groovy side. The psychedelic, in the good sense of the word: is terrible; and somehow makes me miss the great vibe Kindzadza used to put on his works. The leads created in this one are just great; there are some electrifying leads more on the background and others on ups and downs more in your face. The atmosphere on this one is just psydelicious. Favourite.
Now we move again into Freaking territory with Kings Battle (T6), and this one is produced with the collaboration of Kristy. It starts with some flute sounds that somehow remind me of the movie of Cristovan Columbus – 1492 (the one with Gerard Depardieu), and then after this it has some samples, that will repeat several times during the track that remind me of a game, in the style of Street Fighter style, but I can be totally wrong. I have found this one to simplest and to minimalist to my tastes – it has one or two leads with interesting sonorities but that is only, in my opinion of course. I have hoped for more, from this project, since the first one presented on this compilation is simply fantastic.
Now we Roxx (T7). This is the work by Mononoke and the Wolves, and the persons behind this project are Leo Kindzadza and Alex Parasense. It starts with some interesting lead, smooth electric, very catchy on ears, with some rubber sound in the background. There are also some samples, and one of them I found it very amusing: “…chicken foot, come back, you are not a freak, you are just stupid…” – in the overall this track is just great, lots of sounds that make you travel, twisted sounds, and some very mature leads, well inserted on the track, not giving that sensation of chaos, and ambiguity but on by the contrary, giving a felling of harmony. Favourite.
Again, we enter the domains of Fungus Funk with Porn Identity (T8). In this tune we enter some twisted hard environment. The kick and bass only by themselves confer an aggressive attitude in the tune, they are both very dry, but the leads complement the rest of the twistedness: traveling and hypnotic sounds make the rest. Very interesting tune.
And here we are in the last official tune on this compilation: Bushwackers with Just Like That (T9). An attractive thing is that this music reminds me some old Goa Trance, not the melodic one, but the highly psychedelic, full of acid leads. There are just some passages in this tune that take you to another dimension.
And to finalize the CD, we have an hidden tune, whom I have no idea who composed it, and it has 3:03 minutes, but the first minutes has no sound at all. Basically this is an Outro to end the CD, revolving around the 120 BPM.
The mastering of this compilation was made by Alex at Strokcino studio, Moscow.
The artwork was made by Jean & Clara. In my opinion the artwork is nothing to outstanding, but sure is way more connected with the psychedelic culture than some covers that have been released lately.

Recomendation:  I just want to say that this release although has 5 years, it has some real nice pearls of psychedelic music. It has some nice sonorities that aren’t to fast (some of the tunes in here revolve around 144 BPM´s), but they are still pretty actual, and it is the kind of music, that shouldn’t be left aside; on the contrary, it should be played more often. This first release of Discovalley Records is pretty impressive.

Favorite tracks:1,2,3,4,5,7.

Review by : a3k

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