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October 1 , 2020
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Xerox & Illumination - Temporary Insanity EP

 ( Kairoo / Hommega ,  May. 2004 )

A. Tribal Metal 145bpm 7:15 B. Alech'o 145bpm 7:37 (with Goma)

A blessed full on vinyl initiative from Kairoo records teaming up with Hommega with a black plastic taste from the new Xerox & Illumination album by the same name.

For the A side the Kairoo guys chose the ultra energetic Tribal Metal. From the whistling intro, through the totally capturing metallic tablas tribal groove, the head numbing sample, and all the way to the totally heavy metal guitar lines, this is one grabbing piece of dancefloor madness. This track really lives up to the potential of this collaboration between two of the powers that originated the whole full on genre. Excellent dancefloor mayhem.
On the B side we get Alech'o, which is a collaboration with Swiss artist Goma. Starting scratchy as can be, it grabbed me at once, I'm a sucker for these sounds. Than things turn melodic, and it's still nice, but right there in the middle of things, it suddenly sounds like a hybrid of old Oforia & Nitzhonot, and well, really chewed up and I can't help feeling I've heard this track too many times before, which isn't that good, considering that the first time I heard it was only today. Maybe newer minds to trance will dig it. For me, these paths in my brain are already burnt.

Recomendation:  Full on vinyl DJs rejoice!!! A real treat for your karahana thirsty dancefloors- power, intensity, madness and melody. And a totally tribal metallic grabbing groove on the A side. Way to go Kairoo!

Review by : Shahar

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