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August 23 , 2019
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Interview with Infected Mushroom
So, what's up with Infected Mushroom? How are you guys doing? Anything new and exciting in life?

Erez: Nothing special, we are now moving our studio from Kiryat yam to Tel-Aviv area, me and Hanny (my girlfriend) also moved with the studio, the album is finally ready, and now we are finally ready to relax a bit, one month break.

I know you've worked with Simon "Shpongle" Posford lately- not exciting, I understand? Or if it was- how was it? Did you learn much? What came out of it?

Erez: It was our dream for a long time, and finally it happened. Simon is an amazing guy with a very open mind. We learned a lot from him, he also kinda shocked us with his way of working. In the beginning when we started it was a bit hard for both of us, Simon just finished his Shpongle 2 which I'm sure was not an easy job, and we just finished our album, so we both had a "producing overdose". We didn't finish what we started and it's for sure not what you expect. It's a totally different move for both of us (BTW: both I mean Simon, Amit and myself) of course. I hope that we will continue doing stuff in the future.

They tell me there's some new music coming from you soon- enlighten us about it?

Amit: We invested all this year in making this album, a lot of thinking and trying to make another change. We're really pleased with the results, but the people got to decide.
Erez: We tried to do different moves from what we used to, most of the new tracks are harder to understand in first listen. After listening a few times you should get the point and the small details. It's more grown up album for my taste.

A 3rd Infected album- did you think it will happen when you started working together?

Erez: We just thought about making more and more, we didn't think about it actually. If you ask us about the success, we never imagined something like that at all. We still don't. :)

What is B.P.Empire like? How it is different from Classical Mushroom?

Erez: It's just different, as I said before, more grown up, not so catchy, still melodic, some tracks are very simple, some not. It's hard to explain a style or music in words.

What is behind the album? Is there a concept or you just rolled with the tracks?

Amit: As usual we have no clue what we are doing, we just did track after track and that what came out. We kicked out some stuff we started that wasn't good enough.

You know, a lot of people are really waiting for this album- some of them it seems- are waiting to see if Infected "can make it" again- do you feel the high expectations? Does it effect the music you make?

Erez: As Amit said, while making the album we didn't think about nothing, we just made track after track, we do feel today the expectations and we hope that we will stay in the scale.

I hear quite a few people say that Infected Mushroom are just getting commercial and make the music for the money- is it true? If not what do you make music for? How does it feel that people decide these things for you?

Amit: As infected we are not able to make big money, because we are making trance music. All trance DJs/Artists know exactly how "rich" you can get from trance. Ask them. I'm not complaining at all, but I promise you that every $ I get I spend it on a new machine that comes out, because I have to get better and better in the sound and of course because we're both addicted to equipment. About the people that say that we are making music only for the money it's not true.
Erez: Of course we want to make a $1,000,000 hit in the top 10 MTV charts with Madonna/Mobi/Prodigy and so on, who doesn't? People are usually making up stories about us as millionaires or as heavy drug addicts, and blablabla. Why not, I also like making up stories about people that I actually don't really know about, its fun. But of course it's not always true.

How is it to be famous? Does it change your life? In what ways?

Erez: Famous? What? I don't know what you are talking about.

You were touring extensively in the last year- what places left their mark on you? Where did you have the best parties? Some interesting experiences?

Erez + Amit: Switzerland is #1 in the last year. Full on people, nice people, amazing Places, open-air, very nice organizers not trying to fuck you as most do, nothing bad. If it was warmer we would have move there.

You have quite an active website, Erez, at least, seems to spend a lot of time on-line- Do you think trance is connected with The Internet? How? Does it effect you personally?

Erez: I think that the whole world is quite connected to The Internet. Today almost every house got a computer and today a computer usually comes with modem. So, trance is not connected to The Internet, everybody is connected. The Internet is giving us a huge public awareness, or in another words promotion. People can Email us and talk with us, they can check what we are doing, and they can say bad and good things about us and share it with other people on the Forum. If you are a music maker you can send us stuff through The Internet which is much more easy then mail. So, it's just great, for all of us I think.

Are you still having fun making trance?

Amit: of course, this is what makes us excited and flipping out. But honestly, this album was hard for us, it will be quite hard to do now more trance tracks. We prefer making a break with FULL ON trance for a while.

So the album is released- what now?

Amit: Ammm....aaaa..Hmmm... Don't know.
Erez: Hoping to make something totally different then trance, to make a change.

Any musical directions you've been thinking about? New projects?

Erez + Amit:We have a new project name which is unreleased for now. After we will make it will better tell. Again... just trying to do something totally different.

 Interview by Shahar
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