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August 23 , 2019
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Interview with Pixel

First lets start with the obvious, what is your name and how old are you and where you are from?

Eli Biton Tal ... Hertzliya, 25 years old, Aquarius...

When did u decide to make music?

Around end of 99, I used to live with Assaf Dor, ex- Gorlation Corporation.

So you learned from him?

Not really, back then I wasn't making music, just got the idea to ... at the beginning of 2000 I moved in with Ido (Domestic) he was teaching me, all from scratch.

You do not fit any typical mold of music, how do you define your style? How has it changed since you first started?

Now I'd define it as a light Full-on, it is meant to be played at the strong parts of the party, let's say, but I'm really trying to keep it clean, and not noisy... but powerful on the other hand...

Your choice of sounds is very original, same with vocal samples and their use - do you think more vocals are being placed in psy-music today?

Yup ... vocals are being used more and more nowadays at the trance tunes. Maybe also because the scene is getting bigger, and more commercial as well. The tracks starts slowly to become songs.

Have you done any strong song like vocal tracks yet?

Not really.... I use a lot of vocals, but mostly talking ... not singing. The only ones I did with singing are Teder Beseder (with Sub6) and the remix for Underworld - Born Slippy (together with Domestic and Wrecked Machines)

Tell me about the new album, what is its name?

Reality Strikes back

Any significance to that name?

Not really ... I never really remember how I got the names ... also "Pixel"... can't really remember why ... was drunk one night ... and had the name the day after. Reality Strikes Back, its kind of, like getting back home after tripping (any kind of tripping) and bam... shigra (Routine in Hebrew)... you know... life on the run.

What can one expect to hear on this? Is it structured in any sense, the album as a whole that is.

Pretty much everything... I hope. It's structured in a circular way... I hope I'm not going to be the only one who thinks that... like trying to get people to want listen to it again. Or at least listen to it all to get the full picture. Not like shooting the best tracks straight away, and then going down.

You've done many collaborations on this album; do you prefer to work with another person or on your own?

I actually prefer to work with other people, I find it more fun, two minds... you know. Some collaborations I did, I learned a lot from and I have become a much better producer from that.

Other then the album, what other collaborations can we expect to see with you?

I work a lot now with Goblin (Psysex) ... we began a new Project called "Unstables" first release is going soon on a Maia Records compilation. I work a lot with Wrecked Machines... we did more than ten tracks all together ... I've done two tracks with GMS and Wrecked Machines last month, working with Domestic for sure is always a pleasure... he is a real master. I also like my collaborations with Sub6 , we don’t do a lot of music, but each time I am really happy with the stuff we are making .

Where do you see yourself now, career-wise? where do you wish to go from here? Are there any other genres that interest you?

Well, right now I'm making only trance music. I like the trance scene... I'm doing ok. I believe I will keep doing that in the near future. But, u know evolution will come eventually

Reality will strike back?


What do you listen to?

Anything, except trance and mizrahit (Eastern Israeli music)… Just kidding. Listening to everything; mostly chilled stuff, low bpm.

Last one: complete the following: if you ruled the world ___________

It would be a better one to live in ?

The answer was: you would free all of your sons, I'm sorry you're incorrect.

Dammm I wasn't ready…
 Interview by Gadi Vered
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