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May 19 , 2024
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Gorlation Corporation

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Gorlation Corporation are originally a duo from Jerusalem- Nir Shoshani, born 1976, and Assaf Dor, born 1979, lives in Tel-Aviv nowadays and works with computers. Nir has played guitar, bass and drums (a little of everything), went through some death metal and funky metal bands, until in the age of sixteen he discovered trance in a party of DJ Miko in Givat Olga. It took about six months till he really connected to the music, another year or two till he actually developed a personal taste. In 1995 he went to India and there decided to be a DJ. When he came back to Israel, he started DJing in parties in Jerusalem, and after a year of doing that, his brother (also a musician) aquatinted him with Asaff and they started making music together. Assaf has learned to play the guitar since young age and also played in quite a few metal bands, one of them, Melechesh, even released a single. Between metal and trance he also went through a phase of jazz. In 94 he started listening to electronic music, from there he discovered his first trance CDs, mainly Phantasm and React stuff. Only later he discovered parties. As inspiration they mentioned a diverse range of music: Nir mentions Orbital, Dave Clark, Plasticman, Faith No More, Alice In Chains, Bamboo Forest, Swedish trance, Dino, James Monroe, and old SFX. Assaf listens to all electronic stuff, and mentions Sabers of Paradise, Koxbox, Etnica and old Astral Projection.
So far they released different tracks on compilations: DaGoodE Life (Xsesa), Bliss (Psychedelic Krembo 4), Marmaduk (Feel Your Head with Phantasm 5), Plastic Zeus (UFS2), Gorlation Corporation feat. Domestic- Nes (Hujaboy Rmx) (In My Brain), Gorlation Corporation- Shell (Aviation), Gorlation Corporation- You Are It (Full On 5, Spiritual Moves 3). And a 12" in Krembo- Die-Mentor/Yapsta.

Today they no longer work together. Nir releases on his on as Hujaboy, and Assaf works as Cyclic.

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