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February 28 , 2024
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Full On vol. 5

 ( HOMmega ,  Dec. 2000 )

1. Sandman- End of the World (Green House Effect remix) 7:58 2. Maskalin- Loud & Proud 7:01 3. Infected Mushroom- Red Filter 6:04 4. BLT & Future Prophecy- Rat in My Kitchen (BLT remix) 8:26 5. Psy Sex- On A Mission 8:05 6. Gorlation Corporation- You Are It 6:25 7. Cosma- Floppy 8:32 8. Illumination- Crystals 6:48 9. Power Source- Goaway 2000 8:02

The fifth Full On compilation with a little retro maneuver bringing us a remix to Sandman's End of the World (from the first Full On), and a remix to the classic Goaway from Power Source.

The first track is Sandman- End Of the World (Green House Effect remix)- OOOhhh i like it, the beginning gives me the Hallucinogen- Snarling Black Mabel remix feeling with some pitch shifting "highstuff" percussion and from there it just gets better with a nice tempo, nice basslines, pads & A really nice melody. This is one of few songs that puts a smile on ya face... way to go Sandman!!! keep it up! Maskalin follow with Loud & Proud (T2), this one has an nice opening with some basses and a drum which gives you that feeling: COME ON COME ON COME ON! And then it breaks loose YEEEEHAAAAA! Nice Tempo, Nice Percussion, and a really cool melody! WHAWANGOIIIONG or something like that... And the end of this track offers a really nice groovy bassline and a little more tempo on everything! Than it's Infected Mushroom's Red Filter (T3)- I have never really been an Infected Mushroom fan but they had their good moments. Unfortunately this moment is not one of them. Sometimes this song makes you float with the nice percussion and nice tempo, but I get this feeling that something is missing, and the melody just doesn't do it! And why do the have to ruin everything with a really bad organ part ??!! Besides all of this, the melody in the end has a nice vibe in it! Than it's BLT & Future Prophecy with Rat In My Kitchen (BLT Remix). Nice groovy start and some GMS inspired sounds, but a quite lame beat, and the beat keeps on being lame, the melody isn't nice at all. Somehow I cant really describe this song at all.... Don't like it or maybe I just can't understand it. Psysex's On A Mission (T5) has a lot of energy hidden inside this frequently stomping kick with a quite simple but entertaining bassline and the drum sample is just brilliant.... Ohhh the melody is just magnificent!! Ohh i like it! Gorlation Corporation follow with You Are It (T6)- quite a "light" kick with a dark bassline in the beginning becomes a light kick with a distorted melody and some quite unusual fxīs and shit, i like it a lot! Cosma's Floppy (T7)- Ohhh Yeahhhh!!!! Also here quite a simple bassline but ohhh so entertaining. Good "friendly" melody mixed with stomping kicks and a quite strange sample of some telephone lady speaking in German , fxīs coming to ya like a bomb. The melody reminds me of an old but modernized Goa melody! Not too "cheesy" like some people say .... The ending of this song is something special, gives me the chill! Love It!
Than it's Illumination with Crystals, also released on some Destination Goa compilation. I feel some of the magic coming out of this dong ding boing melody... But here the beats need a makeup, maybe a groovy bassline and a harder kick... Its ok though. Finishing the CD are Power Source with Goaway2000- This is my favorite along with Psysex's and Sandman's, I can not write about this song, you gotta feel it! But I can say: a job well done on the sequel!!!!!!

Recomendation:  So for all you people who got tired of the dark, minimalistic powerstuff, try this out. it gives that feeling that the melodic trance isn't dead its just modernized, and re-birthed into an new world and we should re-welcome it with open ears!

Favorite tracks:1(!), 4(!), 7, 9.

Review by : Mental P.

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