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February 25 , 2024
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UFS2 - Psychological Disorder

 ( BNE ,  Jul. 2000 )

1. Future Prophecy- Future Cop 8:12 2. Psy Sex- Survival Kit 8:28 3. Infected Mushroom- Anyone Else But Me 7:53 4. Goralation Corporation- Plastic Zeus 8:12 5. BLT & Psy Craft- Beat Manifesto 7:11 6. Space Cat- Deep Rising 7:21 7. Maskalin- Way of Life 7:29 8. Sinister Funk- Jungle Funk 6:19 9. Oforia feat. D-groovy- Paradise of Silence 7:57

DJ Eyal Yankovich (Hommega), does the work here for BNE, releasing from his hand his best compiled CD ever. Eyal chose the ingredients: psychedelics, power, emotion, brain and groove, made a perfect mixture and kneaded the doe perfectly- and out of the oven we have this great space cake of sounds.

Future Prophecy opens this one hosting Philip Weiss, the COP guy. There is definite chemistry here producing a powerful track sure to work on the dance floor, relentless COP pounding, a huge moving atmospheric sounds- beautiful! Follows Survival Kit, by Psysex (T2)- Goblin goes to darker realms, but leaves a light somewhere up there. A very psychedelic dawn tune, when the light trickles through a pitch-black sky. Then it's Infected Mushroom with Anyone Else But Me (T3), the track starts great, but somehow gets lost and could have used some rebuilding- this is not a usual Infected track- the sounds are a bit different and so is the construction- it still is Infected, however, with powerful melodies, perfect sounds, and it blends beautifully in the overall feeling this compilation produces. Gorlation Corporation (Nir Shoshani & Assaf Dor) are finally releasing more stuff, and it is about time! Plastic Zeus is my favorite here- an amazing track, well layered sounds, beats and swishes, taking your body and mind and playing with it, throwing you back and forth, up and down, with perpetual drive- I feel like a puppet on a string whenever I listen to this track. The rising Israeli trancers from Beer-Sheva, south of Israel, BLT & Psycraft team here to produce a tough, melodyless, psychedelic & groovy brain travelling experience. Great drumming and percussion as always when Yuli is involved, and that space that he always leaves for your mind to work around the music (taken from BLT's new album- Presence- that is coming soon). Avi Algranati is back with Deep Rising (T6), the first track to be released from the forthcoming Space Cat CD. This is another ultimate morning track, no mercy here, perfect sound as usual with Avi. Best to say that Avi will dig deep down into your soul, grab you right in that place that will make you go nuts and press real hard. Maskalin are also back and top here even their last amazing track, Oriental Funk (Xerox- Freestyle, TIP- Trance de Eivissa). Way of Life (T7) is my second favorite here, the best pre-dawn track I hear since Dandandado's Diamond Dust, and in the same scale- Real powerful pounding accompanied by an atmospheric sampled chant, moving something inside you, which cannot be expressed in words. This is sure to cause havoc on any dancefloor. Then things relax and we get real funky with Sinister Funk- Jungle Funk (T8) is just that, a great electro-psyfunk, right from the concrete jungle of NYC- a great track. The Israeli-American collaboration definitely produces something new here, and an interesting and original way to come down from an intense compilation like this one. A pity the bass line is weak (I think this track is quite old). Closing the experience are Ofer Dikovsky (Oforia) and Dede Asayag (D.Groovy) with a slower yet powerful piece, a nice desert for the ears and the mind.

Recomendation:  Have this at a playing distance from your stereo as soon as possible!!! Another step forward for trance music, the Israeli new generation shows how to blend sound, mind and emotion to create a new trance experience, while retaining the vibe that drew us to this music at the first place!

Favorite tracks:1, 2, 4(!), 5, 6, 7(!), 8.

Review by : Shahar

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