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April 21 , 2024
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Psychedelic Krembo (Selected Tunes Part 4)

 ( Krembo / USTA ,  May. 1999 )

1. Psysex- 4 Days of Madness 10:25 2. Gorlation Corporation- Bliss 7:46 3. Nada & Har-el- Cyber Rock Circus 8:18 4. Psyko Disko- The Con 7:09 5. Eddie Mis- The Mask 6:53 6. Psysex- Alien Cop 7:39 7. B.L.T.- Lemon 8:54 8. Vibrasphere- Roadtrain 9:00 9. Chakra & Eddie Mis- X-File (Quirk remix 99) 7:00

Another full power psychedelic experience from Krembo with some new refreshing sounds from some new promising talents and some of the old masters of Israeli trance with a touch of some guests from overseas. This CD is the right sequel to the amazing Psychedelic Krembo 2, after vol. 3 got a bit lost in the fields of experimental dark music.
Two amazing tracks from DJ Goblin as Psysex (with Dave Saragosi here). 4 Days of Madness (T1) has been released on vinyl already and made it to a lot of parties, a crazy powerful ever-changing track, a real story here- the name says it all. Alien Cop (T2) is another stormer, a more melodic one- "if you can't stand the heat, you better stay away from the kitchen"! DJ Goblin (also releases as Children of the Doc) is definitely one of best things coming out of Israel today. Another two talented young guys are Gorlation Corporation (Assaf Dor and Nir Shoshani), Krembo's new discovery- I heard them at a big outdoor party in Mikhmoret and they rock- very jumpy and definitely something new. Bliss (T2) is a very strong grinding track that manages to stay light and happy- one of my favorites here.
Another one of Krembo's new talents that is present here is B.L.T., Lemon (T7) is a great dance floor track (a bit unlike most of B.L.T.'s Alchemic Anecdote), and Yuli proves he can storm as well- another favorite of mine. As I said the veterans are also here, Nada & Har-el with Cyber Rock Circus (T3), a very powerful hypnotic heavy track, perfect for the middle of the night, very repetitive until the finale when things get a bit more complicated. Har-el's old time partner to some of the classic old CDs, Eddie Mis, is here with The Mask (T5), a very weird track, not for the faint hearted- this one will test the limits of your brain with crazy metallic sounds. A guess most people might find this one too much for them.
The guests from overseas are Psyko Disko (from OZ) with The Con (T4), a dark minimalistic track, and Vibrasphere (from Sweden) with Roadtrain, a mysterious atmosphere fun track. As far as trains go, Power Source has done it better, but this a real good one and another favorite here.
And to top it all, the CD ends with Quirk's remix to the classic Chakra & Eddie Mis' X-File, a nice track that created a lot of mayhem at parties, but for me- well… you can't get better then perfect, and that was exactly what the original was.

Recomendation:  As I said this CD is what Krembo should have done after Psy Krembo 2, it reminds me of that great CD in the choice of artists, sounds, originality, and above all, with the full on party stuff. Some tracks that will turn to classics are here (some of them already are), and all and all this is good food for the brain.

Favorite tracks:1(!), 2(!), 3, 7, 8.

Review by : Shahar

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