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February 25 , 2024
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Future Link

 ( Bionics / Balloonia ,  Dec. 2002 )

1. Oforia- Kaleidoscope 7:44 2. Onyx- Red Meat 7:31 3. Interlipse- Cave Colors 7:21 4. Sesto Sento- Alchemistica (2002 edit) 6:44 5. Intergalactic- New Generation 6:41 6. Bamboo Forest- Xtraball 6:59 7. Apocalipse- Socking Dream 8:16 8. Hujaboy- Kazzam 6:37 9. Same Tool- My Salad 6:08

After a long long wait since the release of Reborn, DJ Yaniv Gold from Bionics is back cooperating with Balloonia to release a collection of full on dancefloor tracks from the hectic dripping side of psytrance.

Oforia opens up with metallic groovy Kaleidoscope, colorful indeed with a nice happy bounce. Seems Ofer gave up or took a break from his clubby aspirations and its good. Onyx, Yaniv Gold himself, goes on along the same lines with catchy groove and a nice jumpy array of sneaking sounds. In one word: happy. I like it. Interlipse, a cooperation between Intergalactic and Apocalipse, both featured here later on, with Cave Colors (T2), a scratchy catchy full on piece with multiple breaks, that will definitely rock the floor but lacks in the interest and production department. Sesto Sento follow (T4) in pretty much the same vein, tight bass line, lotsa swishes, scratches and breaks, coupled with a massive break and a strong hands-in-the-air nice melodic entrance. Not their best (and Skazi does it better). Intergalactic, whose album is next from the Bionics team, with New Generation (T5). Again, lotsa relentless flying scratching sounds. Strong but banal. Next is the best track here from masters Bamboo Forest. Xtraball (T6) shows that full on psytrance can be much more than a pattern of noises. Deep, strong, musical, and takes you to some other dimension. Excellent. Apocalipse is back on his own with Shocking Dream (T7), that fails on shocking me, especially in the sound department. Hujaboy continues with Kazzam, a dark and dripping track, but not much more than that. Ending the compilation is a nice surprise from Tul and Samuel of PPS Project, an airy moody piece with lots of emotion and feel to chill after the continuos full on assault.

Recomendation:  Full on all the way, no nonsense dancefloor material, but not too deep either. Lacking a bit on the production side for those who care, but with some killer floor tracks as well.
Favorites: 1, 2, 6(!!), 9.

Favorite tracks:1, 2, 6(!!), 9.

Review by : Shahar

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