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February 25 , 2024
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 ( BNE / Bionics ,  Feb. 2001 )


1. Deedrah- Claro! 8:14 2. Oforia- Minerals 7:10 3. O.T.G.- Psychological FX 8:53 4. Nomad- Critical Level 7:31 5. O.T.G.- Ox 7:25 6. Psysex- On A Mission (rmx) 8:38 7. Talamasca- Warming the Luna Park... 7:37 8. Space Cat- SpaceCake 7:40

A new compilation from Japanese/Israeli based Bionics label of DJ Yaniv Gold & DJ Sancar. Compiled by DJ Yaniv and hosting some French and Israeli trance masters in a full on happy trance attack. Messe Dado is opening the compilation, something that is usually a sign for good things to come. Claro has Dado's unique and refreshing sounds, great drive, repetitive techno tribal feel, funky open atmosphere- simple and to the point I just love his breaks the flipping entrances- it's been 4 years- I want my new Deedrah album. Oforia is here with Minerals (T2), his best track in a long time for me. Powerful right from the start, riding on these Oforia metallic sounds, groovy and bumpy, great little breaks, changing rhythms and an ongoing drive. One of my favorites here- I'd love to hear more of this. O.T.G (stands for Off The Ground- tribute to Ofer?) is DJ Sancar, a Japanese based Turkish DJ who also proves here with two tracks that he can make funky groovy jumpy trance music. Psychological FX (T3) is an energetic and happy track that really makes you wanna dance. Ox (T5) is another version of his track with Marcus from X-Dream released in Flying Rhino's 7th Flight, another bouncy track swishing and whipping sounds at you in a dark atmosphere. A very hypnotic track that grows on you. DJ Mael is represented here with a massive full on guitar-like madness tune. The name (Critical Level, T4) suits the track, which is sure to raise dust on every dancefloor. This track circulated for a long while on the DAT Mafia, and finally got boosted and onto a CD. I'm not really into that kind of full on stuff anymore, but I find this track irresistible. Follows Psysex with a remix to On A Mission (T6) from Full On 5. A massive presence of sound, as with all Psysex tracks lately, I find the remix more organized and it makes more sense to me (the original was too confused)- powerful in a subtle way. Then Lestat is Warming the Luna Park (T7)- nice track, but nothing special. Closing the compilation is a SpaceCake from Space Cat, a more relaxed track with a bit of an open clubby atmosphere, still Avi's drive and powerful sounds are present- not his best but a good finishing note for this compilation.

Recomendation:  The names promise a lot... well, Reborn delivers. All the tracks here are sure to work on the floor, and also enjoyable at home. A quality release (from all aspects) and a promising start for Bionics that leaves us with expectations for what's to come.

Favorite tracks:1, 2(!), 3, 4(!), 5, 6.

Review by : Shahar

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