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June 27 , 2019
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All Systems Go

 ( Exposure ,  Jul. 2004 )

1. Silicon Sound- Smooth Out 8:28 2. Logic Bomb- Mystery Mirror 7:52 3. Bamboo Forest- Si Senor 8:45 4. Alien Project- Solar System 6:16 5. Exaile- Funky 7:00 6. Nomad- Albavoce 7:24 7. Electric Universe- The Essential 8:32 8. The Antidote- Three Days 6:46 9. Kinetic- Ultraviolet 7:09 10. Talamasca & Yuman- Crescendo 7:32

Exposure Records is a new label run by the Greek Mike Galiatsos, also known as Detox. His first compilation is a blend of different styles, ranging from night diggers to morning floaters.

Silicon Sound starts the party with Smooth Out- a smooth track, floating atmospheric sounds together with some electro noises. The right stuff to put you in the mood for the rest of this journey. Logic Bomb take this notion further and more psychedelic sounds are added to Mystery Mirror. Reminds me of some old Goa tracks, which is always a good thing. Third track is Si Senor by Bamboo Forest. Groovy bassline, vocals, and psychedelia all over, like only Bamboo Forest can do. Third stomper in a row. The disappointment comes with Alien Project, which I didn't impress me, to say the least. Did I hear it before? No? I must be imagining then... Exaile are another group which I'm not a big fan of, and this track is no exception, although it has an amazing part at the end. Nomad saves the day with a terrific track which is my favorite here. This is one that can make the dead dance- a perfect groove supported by great sounds all over the stereo field. The peak parts should be a lesson to everyone how music should be done. Track seven is another favorite. Electric Universe- The Essential has somewhat of an awkward beginning but it gets better and better every time you listen to it. This track has nightish Goa sounds incorporated into a fresh and modern arrangement. A sure blaster for every party. The Antidote- Three Days sounds out of place for me here. Maybe it's the housey feeling, or something else which I can't point. It's a good track- just not here. Getting close to the end, and Kinetic's Ultraviolet puts us back to the floating zone. Positive feelings and happy melodies are the characteristics of this one. Yuman joins Talamasca for a down tempo (relatively) track to end this album. There's a tribal feel to this one, an example of what can be done on lower tempos. A great finish to this album.

Recomendation:  A must for DJ's looking for fresh music. This one has some amazing tracks, together with some flops, although not too many.
Favorites: 1- 3, 6(!), 7(!), 9, 10.

Review by : Mike A

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