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March 1 , 2021
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Anti Phase - Plug N' Play Vol. 1

 ( Com.pact ,  Jun. 2006 )

1. Visual Contact vs Simply Wave - Simply Crack 2. Apocaryplse vs Systemic - Bonanza 3. Ferbi Boys - Doogon 4. Bizzare Contact - Run Away (Electro Sun rmx) 5. Sesto Sento - People 6. Aquatica - Genessis 7. Ultravoice vs Michelle Adamson - Electronic Playground (Special Compact Edit) 8. Cosmic Tone - I Volume 9. UltraVoice - Power Me Up 10. Lish - On The Edge 2006 Live Edit

This is the first volume of Anti Phase plug'n'play, a collection of compilations being released by Com.Pact Records, one of the most well known Israeli full on labels. This album was compiled and mastered by DJ Bog, who is part of the Com.Pact family since its beginning. Both the artwork and the album itself are green and present a simple, but futuristic design. I'm glad to find the BPMs to all tracks in the back of the jewel case.
This release brings 10 previously unreleased tracks, all of them by Com.Pact's artists and some in collaboration with new names like Simple Wave or well known artists like Michele Adamson. The album as a whole has a positive atmosphere and is packed with lots of energy, the result is that most tracks will work or the floor, and tracks like the remix to Run Away, People and Genessis will really shake the floor. The Lish tune is a joyful surprise that places a smile at my face, this Live Edit is more polished and bright, a real psychedelic tune.
On the other side I miss a pinch of innovation here, for example, a lot of samples on the tracks can be found on tracks released a year ago, Genessis is a dance floor blaster, but reminds me a lot of Astrix. Electronic Playground is the already released Kitschy Woman with more vocals by Michele (and unfortunately with the old vocals too), and I Volume sounds a lot like Astrix and Dali.

Recomendation:  This release is meant for the dance floor, so if you're a big fan of the Israeli full on, it will certainly please you. If you're a DJ in search of effective dance floor material this compilation will fit nicely in your case. If you like different, alternative and really fresh tunes listen to the Lish tune and search for older releases.

Review by : full_on.

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