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July 14 , 2024
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Astral Projection - In the Mix

 ( Phonokol / T.I.T. ,  May. 2000 )

CD1 Sundown 1. Another World (Floorplay remix) 6:03 2. Ionized 5:31 3. Let There Be Light 7:17 4. Enlightened Evolution 5:38 5. Power Gen 6:01 6. Life On Mars (Domestic remix) 9:10 7. Flying into A Star (Ast-Roid remix) 7:10 8. Liquid Sun (Cass and Slide rework) 7:21 9. Virtual Booster 7:05 10. Free Tibet (Free Spirit remix) 6:20 11. Electrostatic 4:44 12. Axis v0.99 7:23 CD2 Sunrise 1. People Can Fly 9:49 2. Trance Dance 7:47 3. Dancing Galaxy (On A Mission remix) 7:05 4. Aurora Borealis 6:38 5. Liquid Sun 9:36 6. Searching for UFOs (Bright Light remix) 7:32 7. Kabalah 7:42 8. Mahadeva 7:34 9. Nilaya 8:39 10. Burning Up (instrumental) 6:29

Well… the masters are back in the mix, seven remixes to old tracks, by themselves and others, four new tracks, and the rest is all classics- no new musical breakthrough, just basically "the best of"- almost 160 minutes of musical journey with Astral Projection (AP).

The Sundown CD starts with the Floorplay remix of Another World that appeared on Another World single, a real relentless pounding remix, that retains the huge AP sounds, and adds a 'no mercy' edge to it. Then it's four real classics from the beginning of Astral Projection, including the immortal Let There Be Light. These still do it for me- maybe it's nostalgia, or maybe it's just that some tunes never end. Following is Domestic's mix to Life on Mars. This is the third remix to this track already. The original is on Dancing Galaxy, and is the best track there. There are two more on The Next Millennium by AP themselves and by Oforia. This one here is a real interesting night version, massive and dark- it explores the darker areas of this track, which were definitely there in the original in abundance. The break in the middle is just great and the entrance following is as massive as it gets. A real powerful, full on, dark & spooky night track- great! Follows a great remix to Flying into A Star from Dancing Galaxy, the distorted sounds that run all along the track from the beginning and were not there in the original, just give me goose bumps. A great remix, and actually new AP sounds. A beautiful morning track for those times when the sun is blazing in the sky, promises a lot of sweat and dust turning into mud, on crazed dancers. Then the deep trance masters, Cass & Slide, mix Liquid Sun, and immediately you feel this is AP visiting Flying Rhino country. Cass & Slide soothing sound mellows the fullness of sound out of the original, and bring forth the deep side. It's not a great track, but serves as a relaxing interval for the mind and ears- 160 minutes of AP's wall of sound can be a hard task! Virtual Booster is a new track by Avi Nissim, again some new sounds, very massive, melodic and catchy, but nothing special for me really. The technoey Free Tibet (from Astral Files) still sounds up to date, in this new remix. Electrostatic is another AP tune, nothing special, at least in the four plus minutes that are here. The first CD ends with Axis v0.99, another new one, this time by Lior alone. The true Goa spirit, great emotional lines and great moving sounds (a bit clubby at times). More space in the music than is usually the case with recent AP stuff, and great melodies that just make the emotions flow inside you and send your heart flying to space. One of my favorites here.
The Sunrise CD opens with AP's best track ever for me, People Can Fly, originally on Trust in Trance 3, this is an eternal piece of work- you can just fly. Than Trance Dance, AP doing the classic Trilliton track from Another World. Dancing Galaxy in a new shorter remix, with newly arranged build-ups- music for galaxies. Then it's a nice full power uplifting mix of old and new, including another new mix for Searching for UFOs from Another World, though I find no big change in this one. Kabalah + Mahadeva is a winning combination, and all and all this is a very happy and uplifting morning mix. Ending the CD is a collaboration with Trilliton, a real club trance piece, which I found too full of la la la, I would live this one out.

Recomendation:  The best of Astral Projection with some new sounds and interpretations in a superb flawless mix by Avi Nissim. If you like AP, you'll like it, if you don't, you won't. If you don't know AP- get it! You can say all you want about AP, but the colossal sounds, superb production, galactic melodies are still with no match. You see, this one represents what Astral Projection do- they trance galaxies, and sometimes, when you're feeling like dancing with a whole universe of beings, you gotta put some Astral!

Favorite tracks:CD1- 1,3-5, 6(!), 7, 10, 12(!); CD2- 1(!), 2, 3, 5, 7-9.

Review by : Shahar

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