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August 4 , 2020
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Atomic Pulse - Direct Source

 ( BNE ,  Mar. 2006 )

01. Quantum Mechanics - 140 BPM - 07:18 02. Fatality (vs Fatali) - 141 BPM - 07:57 03. Single Cell - 142 BPM - 07:12 04. Amino Acid (vs Cyrus the Virus) - 143 BPM - 07:56 05. Direct Source - 145 BPM - 07:31 06. Alternative Reality - 145 BPM - 07:30 07. Noise Freak (2006 Audio mix) - 145 BPM - 06:49 08. Kuromatic (feat. DJ Ta-Ka) - 143 BPM - 08:21 09. Mateluna - 145 BPM - 07:14 10. Fire Dance rmx - 147 BPM - 08:16

This 3rd album by Atomic Pulse was released by Yoyo Records, one of the most established psytrance labels, responsible for dozens of releases. Atomic Pulse is Tamir Ozana and Yair Bar-On from Israel, these guys are producing music for a long time now, since the very beginning of the Astrix full on Era.
The mastering was made by Tamir Ozana himself, and sounds good to my ears. The cover design was made by Uzigraphics.com and shows an army with gas masks, I found it a pretty interesting analogy to the crowd at parties today. There are some nuclear missiles and the "radioactive sign" is all around, and this is where it starts to get lame in my opinion. Behind the jewel case there is a female like body wearing a big gas mask. The CD itself is yellow and has the radioactive sign on it, Megadeth did the same 10 years ago on their CD Rust in Peace.
The album begins with its slower track, Quantum Mechanics (T1). The first half is a little boring, but the second half works nice, it relies on well placed elements, a sample from the movie What the Bleep do we know? "All emotion is holographically imprinted chemicals" and a soft synth line. Light full on. This second track (T2) is a collaboration with Eitan Carmi, more well-known as Fatali. It is a slow track, 141 bpm. Once again I found the first half boring, but the second part nice. In a way this reflect the history the musicians are trying to tell. Tamir is slowly adding power on each track, the beginning of Single Cell (T3) is much more palatable, and after the sample "A single cell could be used to create a genetically identical fetus. A fetus which could be carried to term and, in effect, be reborn", the track reveals its true nature, which is similar to the Atomic Pulse tracks on their previous albums. I like it, specially the sample and the ending. Amino Acid (T4) is more robust, can be played right form the beginning at parties. It is a collaboration with Cyrus the Virus, from the Spun Records crew. It has a very interesting sample: "No amino acids! No proteins, no enzymes, no nucleic acid... Impossible! No organism can maintain life without them!" After this sample all I want to do is dance! Incredible track! With Direct Source (T5), which also is the album name, the Atomic guys arrive at the 145 pbm and it gets clear that the album style is represented by this track. Not that much powerful or innovative, but in a concise style, reminding a little of the previous albums. Nice track. Alternative Reality (T6) is another track with that same idea "Not that much powerful or innovative, but in a concise style, reminding a little of the previous albums". A sample about dreams and reality that I can't understand and the track gets a little better, but nothing new under the sun...Next we have the remix to Astrix's and Atomic Pulse's Noise Freak (T7) which I found pretty much average, so it is worthless, to honor the original it really should add something. No more comments. Kuromatic (T8) is another collaboration, this time with DJ Ta-Ka and my favorite track here. It is a good example of a nice idea and excellent execution. It has another sample from the movie What the Bleep do we know:
"Little things happen... that are so unexplainable...
I know that they are the process or the result of my creation.
And the more I do that, the more I build a neural net in my brain..."
This track is very emotional and its perfect melodies always make me smile, there is no cheese here. Excellent track, my favorite. Next we have Mateluna (T9), maybe the most dance floor friendly track on this album, but still within the album style. It works smoothly on the dance floor moving the crowd from side to side. Also it brings a pinch of innovation within its nice synth lines. Very good track. Closing this album is the Atomic Pulse remix to the classic tune Odysee of Noises - Firedance (T10). It is the faster track on the album, but to me it adds nothing special.

Recomendation:  If you liked the previous Atomic Pulse albums it is very possible you'll enjoy this one. If you're looking for some classic Israeli trance tunes or some slightly melodic tunes these can also fit your case. I found this album average. On one side we got 10 previously unreleased tracks, making 76 minutes of music, no guitars, no cheese, and the tracks are well built and explore a wide bpm range within the proposed style. On the other side this release brings no innovation, the remixes could be better and half of the tracks are average tracks, but I wouldn't call them fillers, they are better than just fillers.

Favorites: 3, 4, 8(!), 9(!).

Review by : full_on.

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