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June 24 , 2019
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Aural Planet - Acoustic Plantation Releases

 ( Flow ,  Feb. 2004 )

1. Hydropoetry Cathedra 9:57 2. Sub-Sea Engineering Project 9:36 3. Are You Human? 7:17 4. Liquid Incense 6:37 5. Costa del Nymphos 4:22 6. Are You Human? (Sangri-La Tekdev69 mix) 5:28 7. Gene 7:29 8. Polar Valves 5:50 9. Exposure 6:41 10. Retry 3:47

My first introduction to Aural Planet was four years ago, when I received their trance album- Part: Second. I was impressed with the classic Goa, MFG-like, feel in a more chilled atmosphere and the beautiful melodies and summarized: "Nice one that shows a lot of talent and promise to the future, though there's still work to be done here". Well, apparently work has been done and also a bit of a change in direction- the feel, beautiful melodies and powerful chilled atmosphere are still present. The veteran Polish artists present us here with a collection of their ambient creations, starting with a vocal version of the deep aquatic Hydroproperty Cathedra released Ultimae's Fahrenheit Project part 4. Beautiful and deep, though I like better the vocal-less version, it continues with the same underwater oldskool goaish feel through the second track and than an Indian female vocal penetrates you hard with the strong Are You Human? (T3), that stays in the same atmospheric department, getting things a bit more intense and hypnotic. Liquid Incense relaxes things, still in an oriental atmosphere with a strong emotional charge. One of my favorites here! Costa del Nymphos continues with the emotional atmosphere on top of a lo-tech rhytem to return us to a mix of Are You Human?. This time a breaky technoish and harder outlook on things. Interesting one, not chilling at all. Gene (T7) brings back a change in mood, relaxing things and switching to a mellow sad mood with a warning sample and beautiful music to surround it. Another favorite. Polar Valves brings weird distorted breaks covered with atmospheric carpets of caressing sounds- spooky. Exposure relaxes things and dives deep down low again with aquatic sound that make you feel like floating between corals on a sunny sea bed. Beautiful! Retry finishes things with a short piece in the same aquatic feel.

Recomendation:  Atmosphere is the main word here. Strong wet emotional atmosphere runs all through this album, which starts as an emotional Goa ambient piece and then takes us to short excursions into weirder realms. A very interesting release that will make me follow Aural Planet more closely now, and also a promising first step in the chill out world for Flow.
Favorites: 1, 3, 4(!!), 7(!), 8, 9(!!).

Review by : Shahar

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