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February 24 , 2024
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BLT - Presence

 ( HOMmega ,  Oct. 2000 )

1. BLT 134bpm 7:51 2. Gravy for the Brain (down to earth mix) 135bpm 9:05 3. Pinkster 99' 144bpm 8:46 4. Golden Slumbers (feat. DJ Nadi) 141bpm 11:47 5. Beat Manifesto (with PsyCraft) 146 bpm 7:14 6. Space Boogie (feat. DJ Nadi) 142bpm 9:10 7. Clear Vision (original edit) 144bpm 9:43 8. Presence 132bpm 8:55

It's been a long time since I got to listen to an artist album that sounds so together, concept & construction-wise, and sound-wise. BLT succeeds in delivering music that is both intelligent and emotional, electronic dance music that appeals to mind and heart, trance that manages to be psychedelic, technoidic, melodic, and above all groovy as it gets. Don't get it wrong, it's not an easy CD, it's not one of those CDs that catches on immediately. Yuli writes the kind of tracks that you can listen to five times and say to yourself: "so?", and then at the sixth time, while you're at your table doing something else altogether with the music at the background, you'll find yourself stopping everything and thinking: "What the hell is that? Where did this come from?".
The CD has a lot of space, with all the power and complexity, the music remains open. It seems that the power in BLT's music is in what's not in it. In the spaces between the sounds. It's the kind of music that leaves us listeners with a lot of space to work our imagination, to navigate the brain, leaving us feeling that we actually take part in this creation. This CD is a masterpiece, starting from the thundery dramatic and very atmospheric opening of BLT (T1), through the hysterical groove of Gravy for the Brain (T2, the original on Alchemic Anecdote) & Space Boogie (T6, feat. DJ Nadi and a voice from the past...), the hard minimal psychedelia of Beat Manifesto (featuring PsyCraft), the almost scary strength of Clear Vision (T7), the 12 minutes full on full power experience of Golden Slumbers (T4, featuring DJ Nadi again), and ending with the light atmospheric happiness of Pinkster 99' (my favorite here!) and Presence. And finally a word about the sound- immense, clean and crisp clear- a joy!

Recomendation:  I LOVE IT! Best artist album of the year 2000 so far (and we're nearing it's end)- run and get it! Now!

Favorite tracks:All.

Review by : Shahar

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