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July 14 , 2024
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 ::  Cybel

PsyCraft are Alon Algrasi and Nir Sadon from the town of Beer-Sheva in the Negev desert in the south of Israel. The pair started making trance in 1995 under the name Cybel and have changed their name to PsyCraft after the departure of Guy Doron, a member of the group in its first three years.
Alon has been playing music since the age of 9- four years on the organ and another four on guitar. Nir has a similar background with some more time on the organ and some less on the guitar.
When they were 16 they discovered trance when some friends brought some CDs to listening, than bought a Morpheus and started to play with it, not before long the computer and Cubase have joined and in 1995 they got some serious equipment and started to work seriously on making music.
Usually they just sit at the studio starting to create sounds and flow with it till a track is born. They both do everything, but Nir is more on the technical side and Alon more on the musical side of things. Alon is also responsible for all the guitar parts, which he plays himself.
As musical influences they state Simon Posford, Juno Reactor, Total Eclipse, BLT, Space Cat, Ticon and Alon also mentions Steve Vai and Pat Mathini.

They have released their debut album, Gravitech in July 2001 and in February 2004 they released their second album- New Moves. Both in in Hommega.

They released tracks on various compilations and different labels: Cybel- Well Done (Full On), Cybel- Trippy (Full On 3), Cybel- Kondicaus & Cybel- Bizzar (The Forum), Cybel- Inspector Gadget (Trance Generations), Cooperated with Holy Men in Desert Storm (C4), Phenomenal (Clockwork&Cybel)- Flag (Astronomic Trance), Psycraft- Wild 19 & BLT- Lemon (Psycraft rmx) (Voojoo Rituals), PsyCraft- Dream On (ISRaliens 2), BLT & PsyCraft- Beat Manifesto (UFS2, BLT- Presence ), Maskalin- Oriental Funk (PsyCraft rmx) (In My Brain), PsyCraft- Life In Mono (Tribal Dance Experience), Psycraft- Muse (Israliens 3), ), PsyCraft- West Side (New Frontiers), Space Cat- Power Up (PsyCraft remix) (Power Up CDS, Full On 6), PsyCraft- A Song For You (Another Life), PsyCraft- Bizzare (BLT floor mix) (BLT- God is Love), Xerox & PsyCraft- Adrenalin Rush (Xerox- Frequency Drive, 6 String Adelica), PsyCraft- Top Gun (Nu-Clear Visions of Israel, Goa Sound System vol. 2, B Trance), BLT- Clear Vision (PsyCraft remix) (Mental Case).



Nord Rack

Nord lead


Lexicon mpx-100

Ensoniqe dp-4

Ensoniqe dp-4+

Alessis Microverb 4


Event 20/20 bas


Mackey Sr-24/4


DAT - Tascam DA-30 Mk II


Pentium 4 , 3000 Mhz

Motu sound card


Cubase SX2

Sound Forge 7

Wave Lab

+ all the newest plug-ins


Web: http://www.psycraft.co.il

E-Mail: psy_craft@hotmail.com

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