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April 21 , 2024
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California Sunshine - Nasha

 ( Phonokol ,  1998 )

1. Other Line 10:21 2. Last Feeling 8:05 3. Never Stop 8:09 4. X-Wave 8:51 5. Jajo 7:13 6. Tokyo Underground 7:41 7. Red Line 7:27 8. Born Again 7:47 9. Rain 8:27

Well, first of all when you really listen to this CD you realize it is just a compressed party, a compressed nature party.The party begins just after midnight with the dark pounding of 'Other Line'. Pounding but melodic, a real stomping track that will send you jumping around the woods or the beach or the top of the mountain, wherever you're party takes place, waving your hands up in the air and dreaming of something, as it gets darker with mumbling voices in gibberish.'Last Feeling' (with Juan Verdera) - As the night goes on, things start to go crazy, now everybody is jumping around, more and more people are arriving and the whole tribe is going crazy with rhythmic monotonic movements.'Never Stop' starts with a ritualistic chanting, the stomping effect starts to go down a bit and the psychedelia comes in. Weird things fly in the air, the tribe elders are shouting in a sacred language, and then a metallic sound rips your mind out and drives you nuts just waiting for a relief, which finally comes, but only for a while.'X-Wave' (with X-Dream) is a totally "scratch-in-the-brain" track. Itís a 3AM track and you'll be completely hypnotized- I just have no words, but don't get me wrong that's the best track in this CD and definitely the highlight of this party.'Jajo' calms your brain a little with a melodic beginning, and you start wondering - is the sun coming soon? But no, it's still only the middle of darkness. And just to prove that 'Tokyo Underground', a real heavy dark pounding track, very mechanic, sends everyone jumping again in craziness all around you. Then there is a bit of brightness coming up from the east, just above the mountains, and yes, you discover a 'Red Line' which means that the sun, the mother of our tribe, is on her way. Everybody lifts their eyes towards east waiting and moving their bodies and heads with the melodies. The end of the track welcomes the sun, a bit of quiet and then...

'Born Again', the whole party is dancing in front and under the sun's first rays as the strong melodic deep morning sounds are around. There are some mysterious weird sounds around going up and up and taking you with them, the track ends with amazing uplifting melodies and you can feel the warmth of a new day on your body.
'Rain' (A remix to Boris Blennís track) ends Nasha with the sounds of nature: rain, thunders and a flying falcon calling in the morning, it's daytime already and the tribe goes ecstatic with the music.

And so the party ends, I wouldn't mind another really happy uplifting track for noontime, but I'm not complaining- it was a good party, and the good thing is that it still is- itís on CD and this is a great CD.
Har-El Prusski is the master. Nasha means Electrifying Atmosphere and California Sunshine are the best in creating atmospheres in their CDs, and after the little disappointing Imperia this is the right sequel to their first one, as good in creating the atmosphere and even better with the complexity of the music. Easily one of the best artistsí CD there is.

Recomendation:  Just read what I wrote, a bit theatrical, but hey, If a piece of round plastic made me write this you better go and buy it!!!!

Favorite tracks:1, 4, 5, 8, 9.

Review by : Shahar

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