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February 28 , 2020
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Cosmic Tone - Going Solo

 ( Trancelucent ,  Mar. 2004 )

1. No Limit 142bpm 7:06 2. Your Secret Fear 142bpm 7:26 3. Deep Sky 142bpm 7:00 4. 31 Cosmic HZ 142bpm 7:05 5. Africana 142bpm 7:44 6. The Leader 142bpm 7:44 7. It Can Be Wrong 142bpm 7:27 8. Rainbow 142bpm 7:16 9. My World 142bpm 8:01

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Cosmic Tone's debut album- Overwhelming, released last year. That album came out of nowhere and took me by surprise. Since, the Cosmic Tone duo split up. Roei Nissan kept the name, while Noga is producing under the name Noga. Now Roei just released the second album.

First thing you notice is the cover. The triangle with the eye from Overwhelming is also on Going Solo, and again in a cheap 3D landscape- not my cup of tea. The package itself includes a bit more than the average release nowadays. Inside the cover you find 2 stickers, and the inlay can also work as a small poster, not that important, but a nice gimmick.

1) High expectations, but I hardly have any time to think about them. From the start you're met with emotional music with beautiful pads that takes your mind to the most amazing places. After about 4 minutes the track gets more and more uplifting and there's this beautiful little melody. Definitely a good starter for the album, and you're sensing that you're in for a much brighter experience than Overwhelming.
2) I find elements of Cosmaís music in many of Cosmic Tone's tracks, and Your Secret Fear is no exception. Certainly with the same emotional qualities as Cosmaís last album, but not as full on. All the tracks on Going Solo are 142 bpm.
3) This one is my favorite. Pure morning bliss from start to finish, with melodies, uplifting pads, and a sweet little guitar sample. I would love to hear this one at a party.
4) This one is not as uplifting as the beginning of the album, and there isn't much happening. Recycling the same sounds, and I think it's a filler.
5) No doubt why the title of this track is Africana. Through the whole track we can hear an African woman a man chanting in the background. Not as good as the enchanting Mukambaru from the first album, though.
6) A bit more spacey than the rest of the tracks, but nevertheless the same ideas as the rest of the album. Another filler, and starting to get a tad boring.
7) Same recipe again, but works much better than the last track. One of my favorites, and has some of that magic from previous Cosmic Tone.
8) Despite a pretty annoying sample, this one is pretty good. The break at around 2:15 is really nice, and will make the dancefloor scream.
9) The ending of the album, and basically the same recipe as the rest of the tracks here. Beautiful morning music, but too much of the same.

Recomendation:  Production wise, Going Solo is a step forward since the debut, and overall it's much brighter. You won't find anything groundbreaking here, just deep, spacey morning progressive with a twist of full on, without ever getting stressful. I would have liked some more ideas and some more diversity in the tracks, but there are no bad tracks- most of them just sound alike. If you're looking for music full of spirit and emotion, then this album is something I would recommend. Recommended for both home listening and the dancefloor.
Favorites: 1, 3 (!!), 7, 8.

Review by : Pr0fane

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