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February 28 , 2021
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 ( Dance N Dust ,  Jan. 2004 )

1. Son Kite- Sunset Street 138bpm 8:57 2. Evil Drug Lords- No Gap 138bpm 8:30 3. Ticon- There is No Plan 138bpm 8:46 4. Zen Mechanics- Thriving on Trance Floors 144bpm 10:06 5. Shaman- The Gate 139bpm 7:25 6. Vibrasphere- Purple Floating (Tarek Mansur remix) 139bpm 7:41 7. Evil Drug Lords- Taritsetatreack 142bpm 8:14 8. Synchro- Sandstorm 138bpm 7:50 9. Tribalistic Society- Beautiful Morning 140bpm 8:08

The third compilation from DJ Asherun on his Dance N Dust label. Floating between the heavily progressive with some more full on touches, this is the best compilation from Dance N Dust, good for the dancefloor, good for home listening, and very musical. It starts with Son Kite's Sunset Street, the B side of the great Receive part 2 12 with the familiar Son Kite tribal rhythm, topped with penetrating flying melodic lines and a mellow yet optimistic feel. Later the story develops into a happy ecstatic tribal explosion. I must say if feel more as a Sunrise Field than a Sunset Street to me. Next is the first of the two Evil Drug Lords tracks here. No Gap (T2) keep groovin' with a happy funky atmosphere to be followed by the other part of the Digital Structures sandwich- Ticon. Another B side, from the Knights EP, There Is No Plan gives us a totally grabbing percussive Ticonish groove right from the start that makes you wanna move your butt. But... on top of that there nothing too exciting. Still a nice one. Next is a name you wanna right down- Zen Mechanics (T4)- an uprising talent from Holland that you're going to hear a lot about, with a grabbing psychedelic complex and full of feel track- and it does thrive on trance floors- really! Shaman with The Gate takes things down a bit, but still keeps it very groovy with a monotone hypnotic technoish feel and clubby sequences. Tarek Mansur, a new member of the Digital Structures crew, completes a heavy DS presence here, with another license from the excellent Vibrasphere remixes EP, a totally different interpretation for Purple Floating with a hypnotic progressive caressing yet grabbing excellent remix. EDL are back again with a track I don't really like, and then it's Syncro's turn with Sandstorm (T8), a very techno-clubby feel track, with a beautiful explosive break and entrance. Tribalistic Society finishes the CD in a cute happy drippy morning track.

Recomendation:  nice compilation with an opportunity to listen to some good progressive sounds without getting too monotone and stuck. Some real gems included.
Favorites: 1(!), 3, 4(!), 5, 6.

Review by : Shahar

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