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May 19 , 2024
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Evil Drug Lords

EDL are Guy Youngman (DJ Guyshanti) and Dudu Atrash, currently from the Naharia & Akko- two northern cities of Israel. Guy and Dudu met 3 years ago through a mutual friend, discovered they are living on the same street in Tel-Aviv and started writing music together straight away. Theyíve been at it ever since. They write many different styles of electronic music- some chill out, a few jungle numbers, some electro-rock'n'roll, a bit of commercial pop but mostly trance, progressive and psychedelic.

EDLís style is very diverse due to the members' vast musical background- Guy is a keen music lover since a very early age with a past as a guitarist in heavy metal and rock bands. He got hooked on trance music back in 1995 and has been writing electronic music for the past 4 years. He started DJing 3 years ago and is today one of the best and busiest underground (and underpaid) DJs in Israel. Guy also works with Tomer Dayan as Remedy.

Dudu is a man of many traits- sound engineer for Submarine Studios in Tel Aviv, a demanded soundman for live shows and producer of Halas- Israelís first Arab rock group. He has been into music since he can remember, DJed a bit in his hometown of Akko and today is developing his skills as a chill out DJ.

EDLís musical influences range from the classics of rock n roll such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and AC/DC, through electronic milestones such as Future Sound of London, The Prodigy and Craftwerk to more recent trance influences which include Haldolium, Ticon, BLT and Cosma among others.

So far EDL have released: The More Things Change, the More they Stay the Same (Empty Hand), Things Controversial (Acupuncture), Molecular- Hardcore Party (EDL remix) (Prograssive), Evil Drug Lords- Fragmented (Yellow Sunshine Explosion Vol. 4), Evil Drug Lords- Climax (Zoo B 2), Evil Drug lords- General Mishmash (Kick Off 2AM), Evil Drug Lords- Feedback (Buckle Up), Evil Drug Lords-No Gap (DustyNation), Evil Drug Lords- Taritsetatreak (DustyNation).

More tracks have been signed and are expected to be released soon on various labels around the globe.

EDL are a part of the PlugíníPray Collective- a group of trance makers sharing skills and ideas, all good friends with a goal of learning from each other and making good music together and apart. PnP includes acts such as Molecular, Yotopia, Nasser, Lyte and of course Remedy and EDL.

They are currently completing their debut album to be released soon on Trancelucent.



Phone: ++972-58-612314
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