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December 10 , 2018
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Exaile - Hit The Machine

 ( Chemical Crew ,  Aug. 2004 )

1. Boost 8:42 2. Hit The Machine 7:41 3. New Kick on The Block 7:08 4. Last One 8:06 5. Let Loose 7:25 6. The World is Our Dancefloor 8:23 7. Base Jumping 7:30 8. Safe Mode 7:36 9. Merry Go Round 7:23 10. One of The Tribe (album version) 8:45

After their first album, In Panic, Exaile release their second album in Chemical Crew, the modern incarnation of Shaffel Records. The style of this album is a bit different. It's not as dark and heavy as their first album and compilation tracks. Some might say the reason is the fact that it's Chemical Crew, a label known for it's commercialism. Whatever the reason is, I don't find any wrong in it, since this album is excellent by all means.

The album opens with Boost. Now that's a way to open an album! Boost presents the style Exaile created in this album, yet keeping the characterisics of a relaxed intro track into an album. Hit The Machine(T2) comes next and it does indeed hit. Metallic sounds and a powerful moving groove are what makes this track go. The sample goes: "Sell your soul and move with the scene, you've got to hit the machine" - makes you think about the meaning of this album, but the Exaile guys insist it's just a joke. New Kick on The Block is the classic dancefloor track - a "cool" sample and powerful melodies. Last One(T4) is yet another sweeping melodic hit with singing and brilliant sound production - one of my favorites here. The cheese ends at track 5 - Let Loose. This track begins the mind bending part of the album. No more singing and easy melodies, it gets hard and psychedelic here. The World Is Our Dancefloor combines the light and dark - this is what I'd expect to hear when seeing some clowns dancing at a fair. Base Jumping (7) is preety much the only track I did not like here, but can't put a finger on the reason. Safe Mod is the 8th track on the album. Less melodies, and the few that do exist are by powerful guitar lines - this is probably the mandatory guitar track. Even though I don't like guitars in trance (especially metallic distortion guitars) here it's done in a good way. Merry Go Round is the last track (excluding the bonus) here. Remember the clown fair from track 6? They come back here with one of the most wacky melodies I've heard in trance. Finally, Exaile added here an album version for One Of The Tribe - an old and loved hit. Not much changes in here - mostly production and minor elements.

Nir & Eyal managed to take their old night style and combine it with some morning influences. Their music has been too akward for me before (some of it anyway), and here it matured completely. Even though the album was released on Chemical Crew, owned by Skazi (which is known for his controversial taste in music) I can't call this album cheesy or commercialised or anything in that matter. Only a few tracks in the first half of the album can be called anything like that (most notabely 3 & 4) and the rest of the tracks are masterpieces. They are indeed psychedelic, interesting, refreshing and interesting. Most of the tracks share the same sounds and ideas yet Exaile succeeded in making each track stand for itself while keeping the album feel. This album is an example of how full on music should be done - innovative with amazing production. Simply brilliant.

Recomendation:  Get it! Almost 80 minutes of pure joy, and it's not that expensive. One good thing about Chemical Crew is that they keep their cd prices low.

Review by : Mike A.

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