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June 20 , 2019
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Full On EP DAT Mafia vol. 2

 ( Hommega / Krembo ,  1999 )

A1. MFG- Process Irreversible (The Passenger rmx) 8:42 A2. Maskalin- Tourists From the Future 8:10 B1. Cosmic Navigators feat. Xerox- Electric Energy 9:18 B2. Cosmic Navigators- Date With God 7:42

Another vinyl EP in a series of three based on the successful Full On 2 compilation from Hommega.

This EP opens with remix by Guy Zukrel to MFG's track, Process Irreversible, this is heavy stuff, very fast and goes along with the stuff on their last CD, Project Genesis. Nice build up to this track with a great break built to an explosion in the middle. A bit heavy for me, I prefer the old MFG, but nevertheless this is a great party night track- middle of the night madness.
The Maskalin track (Itzik Benisti & Moshe Kenan) is very psychedelic stuff, night music. The track has a great psychedelic opening with a lot of electronic droplets and great effects splattered around. The grinding rhythms are built in fluently and there is a nice oriental synth guitar in the middle. There is a beautiful break in the middle followed by a groovy mysterious tune that slowly bring back the grind till the end- I really like this track.
Electric Energy (B1) Itzik Benisti & Moshe Kenan (again, just a different name) is a disappointment. It doesn't really go anywhere. Just a repeating pattern again and again, boosted up as we go along, with the inevitable uplifting buildup in the end of the track, but it's not really worth the wait. A very happy track, but a bit boring to me, though it will work nicely in a morning set.
The Date with God is a very psychedelic date, slower than the rest of the tracks here. Nice brushes of caressing sounds, creating a full hallucinative yet relaxing atmosphere with some nice guitar solos in the end- perfect for a psychedelic morning.

Recomendation:  A good mix of great tracks for all the different stages of a party.

Review by : Shahar

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