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February 25 , 2024
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Full On vol. 2 - The Israeli DAT Mafia

 ( HOMmega ,  Nov. 1998 )

1. Children of The Doc- Martian Civilization (Domestic Goblin rmx) 7:55 2. Freemen vs. Liquid Metal- Optical Crystal 7:56 3. Cosmic Navigators feat. Xerox- Electric Energy 9:18 4. Yellow Dwarfs- No Musician 7:20 5. MFG- Process Irreversible (The Passenger rmx) 8:42 6. Maskalin- Tourists from the Future 8:10 7. Infected Mushroom- Overload 8:16 8. P.Cok- Double Doper 6:46 9. Cosmic Navigators- Date With God 7:42

This is a Full On CD. It's all Israeli party music, morning and night tracks. These are party tracks and they are for dancing- so don't expect any mind expanding weird experimental stuff.
Track 1 is the first party stormer I hear from DJ Goblin, the other stuff I heard from Children of the Doc was more complex. Anyway this is a nice track. Track 2 is another beautiful amazing track from Freemen (Doron Kosovski) & Liquid Metal (Roman Reznik). Just listen to the opening sample inviting you to a dreaming expedition and you'll know what to expect. Amazing buildups! Beautiful work with the samples and a constant flow of energy- this is one powerful track- Eyal, how about a Freemen vs. Liquid Metal CD? Track 3 by Itzik Benisti & Moshe Kenan is a disappointment. It doesn't really go anywhere. Just a repeating pattern again and again, oh, you get your uplifting buildup in the end of the track, but it's not really worth the wait- boring. Yellow Dwarfs are the pleasant surprise of this compilation. Their track, No Musician, starts with a nice Arab flute playing and some mysterious sounds and then it's guitar time. A very happy track with nice bouncing sounds and energy, accompanied by guitar reefs all along. A nice buildup in the end. The sample says: "I am no musician, Andrei Alexandrovich, no musician"- any clues about where that comes from? A very good track altogether, and again, happy track is the way to describe it. Then you have A remix by Guy Zurkel to MFG's track, Process Irreversible, this is heavy stuff, very fast, that goes along with the stuff on their last CD. A bit heavy for me, I prefer the old MFG. Nevertheless this is a great party night track. The Maskalin track (Itzik Benisti & Moshe Kenan again, just a different name) is very psychedelic stuff, night music, nice oriental synth guitar in the middle. Very nice synth work here in general, I really like this track. Overload is another powerful psychedelic stuff from Infected Mushroom- did I already say I was really waiting for their album? I am and so should you. This is not the best of their tracks, but it's still nice and very powerful. The sample goes: "No, no, no more scientists, no more laboratories, no more experiments, thought you'd be able to understand- No more!". And after that the track is at it's best. The P.Cok track is great! P.Cok are great. It's short, but means business. Full power!!! It starts with some electronic bees and then all hell breaks loose, great powerful track. The Date with God is a very psychedelic date, slower than the rest of the CD, with some nice guitar solos in the end.

Recomendation:  I said, DJ Eyal Yankovitch, Moshe Kenan & Meir Cohen compiled a party CD. Track 2,4 and 8 alone make this compilation worth buying, these are must have tracks. The rest is also mostly good stuff. Hom-mega have made it difficult for themselves to live up to expectation after two great first releases, but still this is another good buy.

Favorite tracks:2(!), 4(!), 5, 7, 8

Review by : Shahar

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