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April 21 , 2024
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Green House Effect - Global Warming

 ( HOMmega ,  Mar. 2001 )

1. Confused 125bpm 8:08 2. Global Warming 140bpm 8:55 3. Deep Cover 130bpm 7:15 4. Everlasting Sun 136bpm 8:26 5. State of Mind 138bpm 8:11 6. Kfar Saba Blues 138bpm 7:13 7. Superfly (on the fly mix) 141bpm 7:07 8. End of the World (remix) 145bpm 7:52 9. Eastern Rain (club mix) 140bpm 8:17

Green House Effect is Itzik Levy a.k.a Sandman. In his new album he changes style and goes into the more clubby, deep and calm style. I was very impressed by the cover art, it fits the environmental message of the album. After struggling with the CD wrapping for 5 minutes trying to open it (using knives, scissors, teeth, etc. hehe) I put the CD in my stereo and started listening.

The opening track on the album, Confused, is a slow track, minimal, with a very nice feel to it. Soft melodies and light drum sequences. The next track is Global Warming (T2), the title track. It starts with a twisted sweep and followed by a monotonic bassline and a soft kick drum. The track is quite repetitive, but it evolves all the time. Just enough not make it boring. Deep Cover (T3) is the next track, and here the album becomes less relaxing. An aggressive bassline with a punchy drum sequence. The sounds are great in the stereo field, making you go nuts with the headphones. The following track is Everlasting Sun (T4). Again, it is a little bit monotonic, but not too much. The groove consists of many stretches in the drums beats. It has very soft, relaxing melodies that surround you from all sides. Follows State Of Mind (T5, also on Israel's Psychedelic Trance vol. 5). This track has the more clubby and housey style. The background sounds here are quite psychedelic and twisting. When this track breaks it feels like going into a totally different direction, but then it goes back- one of the best tracks on this album. Kfar Saba Blues (T6) comes next (Kfar Saba is a city in Israel, north-east of Tel Aviv). This track has many twisting background effects on it, and lo-fi sort of drums. I liked how the melodies get transposed- it sounds really good. The full on part of this album starts with Superfly (On the fly mix) (T7, the original on Israliens 2)- soft, clubby melodies all around, reminiscent of the good old Goa melodies. It is accompanied by a slow arpeggio, which gives a nice atmospheric feeling. End Of The World (Club mix) (T8) is an amazing track. It starts with a melodic line, followed by a deep kick drum. This track is very melodic, taking a full advantage of the stereo field using a lot of delay effects. Again, it has those key-down transpositions, which has a great effect on the feel of the track. It has the famous Bill Hicks "today a young man on acid..." sample, and after the sample comes a groovy beat with a very nice melody. The closing track is Eastern Rain (Club mix) (T9, a remix to the Witchcraft classic) in a cooperation with Yahel. The deep kick drums together with the tribal drumming come at the very beginning. This track is full on, yet minimal... God knows how they do it :-) . The melodies are really good here, and they really fit the drum sequences (or vice-versa). This album ends with a taste for more...

Recomendation:  This album shows us a change in the trance scene. More artists are going towards the mainstream, sometimes the results are good, and sometimes they are not. This album is very good in doing minimal, relaxing clubby music. The music on this album is oriented mostly for home listening, or for chill-out, and it does the job. Recommended if you like this style.

Favorite tracks:2, 3, 6, 7, 8(!), 9(!).

Review by : Mike A.

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