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February 25 , 2024
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ISRaliens 2 - Bizzaro

 ( HOMmega ,  Apr. 2000 )

1. I.Zen feat. Duvdev - Into the Matrix 7:10 (100bpm) 2. Liquid Metal- Golem 6:45 (130bpm) 3. PsyCraft- Dream On 8:24 (140bpm) 4. BLT- Clear Vision 8:17 (144bpm) 5. Oforia- Raw (Psysex remix) 9:06 (145bpm) 6. Infected Mushroom- Classical Mushroom 9:15 (146bpm) 7. Dark Soho- Terra Sancta 6:32 (144bpm) 8. Passenger- All Systems GO 7:15 (142bpm) 9. Green House Effect- Superfly 8:00 (141bpm)

Compiled by DJ Eyal Yankovich, CD no. 10 from Hommega promised to be something else, a little change from the full on Hommega tradition- it delievers! The future names of Israeli trance packed together, giving new directions and edges to the best music being made here.

Opening the CD are Infected Mushroom with a slow dramatic journey with typical mushroom sounds and a lot of vocals. Another example (like The Messenger) that shows us how far these guys can take their music. I really love this track and it's a great opener for this beautiful CD and the journey it takes you through. Liquid Metal with Golem (T2) comes next with a weird industrial sound tribal-technoey piece, illustrated with caressing melodies, and a spooky psychedelic feel with great samples. With the slow bpm this is old Goa spirit with today's sound and a psychedelic edge. Great track! My second favorite here (3 more minutes of it would have made me a very happy man). Psycraft surprise here with a dreamy tune (Dream On, T3) that sounds like homage to Pink Floyd with a lot of mellow Floydy guitar solos. This is a very complex track full of surprises and with a great atmosphere, building up just beautifully. Watch out for these guys' album in the summer. Usually trance music makes me see sounds, BLT (T4) makes us hear light- "light becomes sound", as the sample says. It took me awhile to get the Clear Vision- I loved the track from the first minute, but it took me a few listens to get the real vision that hides inside, this is a real powerful, groovy, complex and imaginative piece of music with massive relentless technoidy bass works. Best track on this compilation, period! Second BLT album, please!
Then comes Mr. Goblin with a weird remix to Oforia's Raw (from Off the Ground) (T5). A Great technician at work here. Not a lot was left from the original with all the twists and surprises, they keep it interesting all the way, but get a bit lost at times. A lot of samples of course and there is no way you can miss this is a Psysex remix, self-advertisement included- cute? Or maybe taking it a bit too far? Then the shrooms are going psycho again with Classical Mushroom (T6), classical like melodies with totally psychotic samples and psychedelic sounds- psyclassicaltrance. A real merge in sounds and spirit between their two CDs, Classical Mushroom and The Gathering. This track is really packed and can get too much at times for the weak minds, but will turn a party up side down.
The Dark Soho track, Terra Sancta (T7) is nice, but doesn't stand up to the rest of this compilation. A repetitive strong bass line that keeps hitting you on the head, followed by a long atmospheric build up, opening up to a moody distorted melody, ending the track. Passenger proves with All Systems Go (T8), that he is the new Astral Projection, Astral with an edge- intelligent full on music, with twists and surprises and massive powerful walls of sound- that bass!!! Wwooww! Relaxing us a bit and ending this beautiful CD, is Superfly by Green House Effect- a deep spacey track with beautiful melodic touches taking you up but never really releasing you. Itzik goes back to the roots, rocking the body and soothing the mind, and with a smile- "my name is John Johnson, but everyone here calls me Vicky, please follow me"- hehe!

Recomendation:  Maybe I should wait for more perspective before writing this, but anyway, I believe this is the best CD Hommega released so far. Interesting, diverse, new, packed with imagination and musical talent, in short: A MUST! Almost every track here is great, with some touching the exceptional, with every track in its perfect place.

Favorite tracks:1, 2(!), 3, 4(!!), 5, 6, 8, 9.

Review by : Shahar

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