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February 25 , 2024
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 ( HOMmega ,  Mar. 1999 )

1. Mascok- Mascok 8:18 2. Children of The Doc- Impossible Vortex 9:08 3. Infected Mushroom Feat. Xerox- Acid Killer 8:04 4. Oforia- Aquatech 7:51 5. Psysex- L.S.Dance 7:48 6. Infected Mushroom- Crazy D. 7:35 7. Xerox & Freeman- Time Bubbles 7:38 8. Resistance Activity- G. Tests 5:51 9. Passenger- Easy Rider 7:38

This is a piece of plastic you need to own! You have here nine full power blasting killer tracks that are compiled into what is Hommega's best release ever for me, a thing that in it self says in all. The best of the best in Israeli trance today team together to create a very intense experience for your mind and body. There are two interesting cooperations here of Xerox (Moshe Kenan)- the first is with Dedi Cohen from P.Cok as Mascok (T1), a good start for the CD- apart from Oforia's track (which is strong in it's own way) this is as relaxed as it gets. The second cooperation is with Infected Mushroom, Acid Killer (T3), starts a bit dark and did not catch me in the beginning, but just wait- it's coming, and when it does, it comes all the way- brrrrrrr- this is music at work here! Infected Mushroom are here with another track, Crazy D. (T6), another great track, not their top but still mind blowing.
DJ Goblin is represented here in two tracks under two different names. Children of the Doc's Impossible Vortex, is a powerful track, very psychedelic as expected and a little spooky (nice sampling work). A lot of exploding energies, changing rhythms, pounding bass- I would call this one a psychedelic digging track (it'll make your feet dig deep in the ground). The other track is L.S.Dance (T5), as Psysex (together with Yoni Oshrat)- the name says it all and I have nothing much to add, only note the great sampling work again. I must say that I consider Infected Mushroom & Goblin to be the rising forces in the trance world today. I would follow everything these guys do- and I just had a thought- it would be nice to hear them work together! Aquatech (T4) was released in The Pigs in Space Oforia E.P. It starts in mystery with weird noises and it is a real fun track, very jumpy and groovy with a lot of mysterious sounds. It's a bit relaxed comparing to the rest of the CD, but has it's own mysterious psychedelic drive. And just when I got the feeling that X&F are starting to repeat themselves and got nothing new and original up their sleeves comes Time Bubbles (T7). This is a dark intensive track with very refreshing sounds, that trances you a little, carries you around and then blasts you to million pieces- beautiful! Itzik levy is also back here, after a long disappearance, G. Tests (T8) does not sound like something new, very dark and intense as expected but also with nice melodies flying around- a great psychedelic track.
The CD ends with my favorite track here, Passenger's Easy Rider (T9)- This one reminds me of MFG in their prime, a very full on, full power, melodic track- it starts with a colossal flying metallic sound, that sucks you into a journey. From there on, things just go stronger and stronger, great melodic work, powerful kicks, and that build up exploding- whooooooo!!! Best morning track I heard in a long time! Hey people- this is what trance is all about- I can't wait for Guy's new album.

Recomendation:  JUST GET IT!!! All tracks are just great, one by one- my most favored- 2, 3, 7, 9

Favorite tracks:All tracks are just great, one by one- my most favored- 2, 3, 7, 9.

Review by : Shahar

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