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February 28 , 2021
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High Way- compiled by Ultravoice

 ( Com.pact ,  Jun. 2005 )

1. Illumination vs. Ultravoice- Imagination 7:48 2. Tactic Mind- Computer Music 7:01 3. Ferbi Boys vs. Gilix- Total Loss 7:12 4. Bizzare Contact vs. Nameless- 8:35 5. PTX- Follow Up 8:17 6. Aquatica- Empire 8:12 7. Mahamudra vs. Kyo Log- Hypnotic 7:50 8. Quantum- Tight Flight 6:31 9. Silent Hill- That's Too Much 7:53

After releasing two albums through Com.Pact Records, I think it was really time to see a compilation by Avi Levi aka Ultravoice. The cover show a futuristic High Way and some trees with human-like faces with plugs and wires in their head. Kinda strange cover by Noam Levkovitz. The mastering was made by DJ Bog (Visual Paradox). There is no mention to bpms and track times...
The album starts with an Ultravoice track, but he's not alone, this collaboration with Illumination starts slowly with some samples and effects and grows up fast... Usual track structure and nice melodies, works at mornings sets and has an extra boost at the end. One of the best tracks here, it was played many times at the last Festivals. Our next Computer Music(T2) has a different structure and is much more unpredictable, packed with well placed sounds and effects it keeps going up and down... Joyful journey, good to dance with this one, the bassline makes my feet move. Then the afula guys bring a new friend to play... Ferbi Boys and Gilix release different layers of sounds in this track, but it has an obscure bassline that never changes, not my cup of tea. Another favorite arrives: Massive Aggressive by Bizzare Contact and Nameless (T4). Good bassline, melodies and effcts combined in a massive psychedelic way. It makes me remember of good moments at parties... Just dancing with my eyes closed, good feelings... Follow Up is funny track, in some aspects it's even experimental, does not follow any formula, it just go on its natural way... Good to add diversity to a set. Aquatica's Empire (T6) is the next, fast track, melodies coming up and down, and fun games at the end... Overall it's nice, but Aquatica can do better. The psychedelic elements are back with Mahamudra and Kyo Log, good choice from Avi, it's really hypnotic and far from any recipe. Quantum is releasing good stuff these days and track 8 is another favorite. It puzzles me with some unknown samples melting with the melodies in the middle of the track. The end of this track is a good surprise: it takes the opposite direction with more energy and bass. Last track by Silent Hill is fast (T9), but good for home listening. Sounds like a paradox? Not really, it brings me nice emotions, you must listen to understand what I'm talking about. A colorful and diverse compilation, but some tracks are not my style and it could easily have one more track.

Recomendation:  Nice full on that fits both DJ sets and home listening. Listen to the samples on online stores and check if itīs your style.
Favorites: 1(!), 4(!), 8, 9.

Review by : full_on.

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