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February 25 , 2021
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In-Trance 12"

 ( Symbiosis ,  1995 )

A. Kashmir 6:49 B. Winner Riff 7:51

You will find this record in many used shops and on the web in many places... despite the prevailing opinion, I do rather like these old Israeli tunes released on the British label Symbiosis in the mid-90s. [here: ">
The first track is finely constructed trance music without a "hook"- the melodies are all quick and seductive little numbers with a fine backing of pulsating bass and basic percussion. This song is not static however; new deviations of the melodies enter often to keep the song invigorated with purpose... perhaps through the simplicity of the sounds the force of trance can enter the mind, if it is willing. The outro comes quickly and the song fades fast. The second side is better than the first with a well-known and often-used sample (but I think In-Trance were the first to use it in trance). The song begins with more atmospherics going on top and slowly a swirling melody is introduced on top of the light kick and simple drums. Flowing and progressing, the melody then becomes more distinct over time, involving the listener and providing some surprises as a second layer enters. A small break and then another "quick" melody flows through, soon to be accompanied by a sound that is somehow orchestral and very smooth. The track builds, propels, throws the listener forward into a new segment and then breaks into a very lush and atmospheric neutral space, with the sample echoing through: "no one would have believed that in the last years of the 19th century, human affairs were being watched from the timeless worlds of space"... a rise in the sounds and then the beat breaks back in with a melody from the first part of the song. A nice revival of the song exists here in space for a couple of minutes and then its over.

Recomendation:  The verbose nature of this review is due to a "stream of consciousness" style of writing as I thought it would be poor and unfair to simply describe this record as "old school Israeli Goa"... these songs were made to be a journey, and I went for a ride and this is the story of my trip :) Honestly this record is only for fans of the old styles and specifically the classic sound from the holy land. It's easy to find and often quite cheap so why not strap it on and take a trip?

Review by : Scott

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