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February 25 , 2024
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Indoor - Progressive Trance

 ( NMC ,  1995 )

1. Vertigo 7:14 2. Mad Horizon 7:38 3. Amora 6:38 4. Naxus 9:47 5. Sweet Coming Home 7:11 6. Sid 6:59 7. The Key 8:28 8. Camel 8:02 9. Shiva 9:55

This album is considered to be one of the first psychedelic goa trance albums ever released. Originally released in 1995, I was too young to grow with it since I was only 10 years old back then. I discovered it much later, but I think the magic is still there. Indoor are 3 people - Avi Algranati (Space Cat), Ofer Dikovsky (Oforia) and Marko Goren (Tandu). They managed to produce a magical album, covering many styles and pioneering the way for Israeli goa trance. The welcomed reissue from Avatar Records is a good chance to give it another listen from a modern perspective. Almost each and every track on this album is a classic. This is true goa trance - layered synths merging with each other and evolving organically to become emotional melodic lines. This is what Israeli trance is about - not really psychedelic like most of the European trance of that time (and today actually) but still giving some twist to the music. The main focus is on melodies and emotion.
The album begins with Vertigo which was one of my favorite goa tracks and I only realized it was Indoor not so long ago. One of the best here. Another track worth mentioning is Naxus(T4) - sounds like early work by Yaniv Haviv actually - this is where it all started! One of the best tracks on this album is Sweet Coming Home - this is powerful emotional melodic music. The psychedelic part of the album starts with Sid (T6), takes a powerful peak with The Key(T7) and ends with Camel(8) - probably the most psychedelic track on this album. Closing the journey is Shiva - probably the most famous Indoor track. This one is building up slowly slowly towards a colossal break finishing it up with one of the most powerful endings written in trance history.

Recomendation:  Must have for any trance lover who appreciates himself. The music is very good and sometimes even far better than anything released today. The remastering done by Avi Algranati helps the sound production of this album a bit although it still sounds bad compared to today's productions. But to be honest, with this kind of music the production really doesn't matter. Get this album, close your eyes and fly.
Favorites: 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9.

Favorite tracks:ALL!

Review by : Mike A.

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