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March 4 , 2024
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Infected Mushroom - B.P.Empire CDS

 ( BNE ,  Apr. 2001 )

1. B.P.Empire (deep mix) 7:37 135bpm 2. B.P.Empire (original) 7:40 143bpm 3. Roll Us A Giant 10:36 146bpm

A first sign of the upcoming, much-awaited, third Infected Mushroom Album. It contains 3 tracks, one from the album, with the albums' name- B.P.Empire, and two tracks that won't be on the album.

So what does the new Infected Mushroom sound like? First, it's still Infected, if you're looking for a dramatic change- forget it. But, there are some changes: The sound- amazing crisp, clear and larger than life, but the words that jump to mind are precision and sharpness. The production and mix- everything is in place, so full, but still so clean. The melodies- still here and so are the build ups, but in a more subtle way, and the build of the tracks is more complicated and sophisticated, it seems. Also we have groove here!
B.P.Empire (deep mix) (T1) is a real different Infected, and actually different than anything else I've heard. Nice subtle yet powerful track, with touching caressing melodies. Weird track, but my favorite here. The original B.P.Empire is a massive full on track, packed with sounds, too packed at times. Ever-changing sounds, going in and out, up and down, and there's a groove to move you butt!!! Oh, and I love those bells. The track sounds too much first, but it kinda grew on me, and I quite like it now. Sure full on dancefloor hit- and that's what Infected have always been doing so well. Roll Us A Giant (T3) is another full on track, and a nice bonus- more in line with Classical Mushroom then the other two tracks and with those typical irresistible melodies and buildups & strong psychedelia- great samples also!

Recomendation:  A nice one- a must for Infected Mushroom fans, a good buy for morning DJs, and a good sample taste for those who are curious about what is to come.

Favorite tracks:1, 3.

Review by : Shahar

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