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January 25 , 2020
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Infected Mushroom - Smashing the Opponent CDS

 ( Hommega/Perfecto ,  Aug. 2009 )

1. Smashing the Opponent (album mix) 145bpm 4:30 2. Smashing the Opponent (Timo Maas mutant dub mix) 125bpm 8:35 3. Smashing the Opponent (Adam White perfecto remix) 138bpm 9:41 4. Smashing the Opponent (XI remix) 145bpm 6:53 5. Smashing the Opponent (Robert Vadney's vicious remix) 133bpm 6:47 6. Smashing the Opponent (J.Viewz remix) 77bpm 4:44

Infected Mushrooms latest album Legend of the Black Shawarma is a direct follow-up of their last release Vicious Delicious with firmer ideas and a more confident approach on where they're headed and how they might get there. Through the latest years Duvdev has received heavy critique for his missed singing talent ever since he decided to go back to his roots of playing and singing in a rock'n'roll band.
People offered to pay for his singing lessons and others begged on their knees for him to stop his SingStar frenzy because it was and ended up almost killing the immerse beauty of what people perceived as being the essence of Infected Mushroom. (T1) The Infected crew took notice and after some string pulling they got the possibility to include the voice of Jonathan Davis (from Korn) on a track which would eventually become their new hit (?) single with a suiting music video ready to invade MTV. Some complaints has been that it feels all too inspired by Depeche Mode in the melodic sense and that the fusion of psytrance and metal sounds like a failed soup of hope and ideas to conquer the mainstream market of commercial music, which in all honesty is fusing different styles and making it trendy all the time. Just watch the success Kanye West is getting by fusing together the French Daft Punk electro with his ShitHop. So why shouldn't Disinfected Mushroom get to eat a piece of the global success pie? This is an earworm track to the fullest and I wish them all the luck to achieve their goals to infect the world. (T2) Timo Maas is a legend on his own inside the world of club music. The man has managed to create a lot of house oriented tracks which are getting recognition all over the globe. However, in my opinion most of his tracks are utterly boring and at times much uninspired. The track itself is ok and humps on its road and gives some pleasure as long as a good bass is present because it sounds soft and nice and we don't get to hear the singing theme much. (T3) Adam White's contribution offers a recycled Euro-Trance theme with uplifting spirits and dreamlike state of being. It's funny to hear the contradictory elements of the title tracks suffering with the Perfecto's hopeful and helping hand. It feels as if White's remix takes the suffering singing voice on his melodic shoulders and carries the wounded man like a euphoric gentleman- poetic and honorable in its essence. (T4) XI represents Full On and it sounds cool enough in the dunkadunk FullOfPower remix sense, that I think we've gotten unwillingly used to by now. I think this one lacks a lot but kudos for the smart way of starting the track, I really like the way it lifts us up to a groovy state of mind. (T5) Robert Vadney has chosen to industrialize the track with heavy guitar riffs and a head-banging attitude with computerized and stinging melodic noise. It's some sort of industrial techno'n'metal remix, not sure what to say... Rock on bleep'n'peep twats? (T6) I think we all have a sense of respect for the work of J. Viewz (ex-Violet Vision) has given us throughout the years of playing with different, and maybe at times, more sophisticated music styles. As with the Violet Vision remixes of Cities of the Future and Deeply Disturbed, he/they gives/gave us the most interesting twist on an Infected Mushroom track and this one is no exception. It's different, it's down-tempo and it plays with fusions of lounge and jazz with spices of snobby electronica.

Recomendation:  Even though a harmonic approach in progression is needed and craved for here, I think this single with its 5 remixes is one of the best I've heard and I'm glad I own it.

Favorite tracks:1(!), 2, 3(!), 4, 6(!!).

Review by : Psytones

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