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June 19 , 2024
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Violet Vision

 ::  Gray Matter ::  J.Viewz

Violet Vision are Jonathan Dagan and Shay Raviv, both born in 1982 and living in the north of Israel. Shay has ten years of classical music education, mainly playing the piano, till he decided to get a little “modern” and got himself some electronic equipment to experiment with. Jonathan played guitar for a few years until he decided that a band was too much of a crowd and moved to work on his own on some experimental industrial rock stuff. They both went to the same school, but didn’t really know each other, until one day they exchanged some notes, understood they compliment each other and have great chemistry, and from then on they’re together.
As influences they state a wide range of artists: Placebo, Primus, Dream Theatre, Young Gods, Front242, Ministry, Eat Static, Koxbox, Process, Underworld, Orbital, Bjork, Depeche Mode, Anna Clark and more.

They released their first album- First Sign of Communication- in BNE, in Oct. 2001, and it was voted as one of the best five albums of the year by Yedioth Achronot (the most popular Israeli newspaper). In June 2003, as preview for their second album they released Your Voice CDs, and their much-awaited second album- Unfold- was released in Oct. 2003 (The album was mastered in London by Mike Marsh (who has worked with the Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers and Basement Jaxx among others).
Your Voice CDs has received wide recognition throughout the world and has been played extensively over the world by big names such as Cass, Hernan Cattaneo, Chris Fortler, Sander Kleinenberg and Anthony Papa.

And also released: Sense (Life Is...), Honey (UFS3), Sign of Bliss (Elucidations), Gentle Anarchy (Another Life), Substance 44 (Generations), Infected Mushroom- Deeply Disturbed (Violet Vision remix) (Infected Mushroom- Deeply Disturbed CDS), Cellophane (trance mix) (Israliens 4), Infected Mushroom- Eva Dawn (Violet Vision remix) (Ravolution), Violet Vision- Your Voice (pulse mix) (Life is... Creation).

They also make music separately.
Shay released together with Yakov Biton (Spiral Active Project) the Surreal album- Beyond- in MDMA in Jan. 2001. He also works as Gray Matter and released Reconstructing a Dream (Life is... Creation).
Jonathan has an already successful chill/lounge project by the name of J.Viewz.

The guys work in 2 studio with the following equipment:

4x Behringer Monitors - Truth B2031

Klark-Teknik Graphic EQ

DBX Tube Preamp

Telefunken Mic Preamp

Universal Audio LA-4(compressor/Limiter)

2x MXL 2001-P Condensers

2x RME PST soundcards

RME Hammerfall HDSP Multiface Soundcard

E-MU APS Soundcard

Creamware A16Ultra Converter


Kurzweil K2000

Waldorf Microwave XT

Roland JP-8080

Korg Prophecy

E-MU Planet Phatt
E-MU Sampler 640

Ensoniq TS-10 Keyboard Yamaha SY

Peavey Keyboard

Mackie console 1604-VLZ

Behringer console 24 channels

Stanton SK-6F Mixer

2x Vestax PDX- D3 Turntables

Pioneer CDJ-100s

Zoom 9050 Effect

DP-4 effect

Metal Zone Distortion

Peavey Special 112 AM

Computers: 2x Pentium 4 2.4 GHz, Pentium 3 500Mhz, Compaq Presario 2540EA Laptop.

Guitars: Gibson Flying V, Ibanez XL, Maison acoustic, Admira classic


Web: http://www.violetvision.net/

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