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October 20 , 2021
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Intergalactic - Outer Galaxy

 ( Bionics/True Trance ,  Jan. 2003 )

1. Lift Off 6:31 2. Light Years Away 6:27 3. Deep Space Trance 7:11 4. Super Nova Highway 7:06 5. Space Invaders 6:12 6. Escape Route 246 6:55 7. Follow the Light 6:35 8. Galaxy Spray Paint 7:06 9. Out Side 6:58

Intergalactic is Vic Shefi, and his album is in today's mainstream full on style. You won't find anything new here, but this works on the dancefloor. His style feels like a fusion of many artists, such as Sesto Sento, GMS, etc. However, I found this music quite amusing and it sure put a smile on my face.

The first track is Lift Off, and as the name implies it is a lift off for the entire album. Fast melodic lines and an aggressive beat. Unfortunately the track's opening is not as lifting as it should be, and it kicks off almost immediately. The next track is Light Years Away, which is, to be honest, almost the same like the first track. It is a repetitive piece of full on music, which doesn't bring any musical freshness. Coming next is Deep Space Trance. Again, the track kicks in too early. The track is followed by the "When it's time/tide/high, go deep" sample but deep is not something that this track reaches. The bassline is the same like on the previous tracks, just on a different scale. The "talking" sounds on the second half of the tracks are extremely funny and I laugh every time I hear them. The fourth track, Super Nova Highway, finally brings up the winds of change. This track is slower, darker and with some work on your brain as well as your body. Space Invaders (T5) continues the line. A slow and dark more progressive track with some really amusing samples in it, and flowing drumming. Next track is Escape Route 246. This track brings us back to old times, but this time with a good sounding production and funny talking voices. Flying melodies and old-school hi-hat sequences give this track and old Goa feel, although it is still relentless full on music. Follow the Light comes next, and apart from a nice melody and some effects it does not bring anything special to my ears. Galaxy Spray Paint comes next with an attempt to make something new. This track is a bit more technoish, but it's not that good. More work could have been done on it. The closing track is Out Side. It attempts in doing the same as the previous track, but in a more full-onish way, which Vic is much better at. A low BPM, optimistic full on track to close the album. To my surprise, it was not the last track on the album. There is an unmentioned tenth track. Jazzy freestyle with trancey touches and some nice guitar riffs.

Recomendation:  This is your regular "killer" full on. If you're looking for something new and interesting, look elsewhere. If you're looking for something to rock the floor, you've come to the right place.
Favorites: 1, 5, 6(!), 10.

Favorite tracks:1, 5, 6(!), 10.

Review by : Mike A

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