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February 25 , 2024
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Israeli Pitch Process

 ( Dance N Dust ,  Mar. 2002 )

1. E.L.F- Elastisch 140bpm 8:34 2. Insect Sun- Listen 141bpm 6:31 3. Triplex- Floating 140bpm 8:24 4. Sweird vs. Visual Paradox- Banana Lassi 139bpm 7:55 5. Metenda- Smotan 140bpm 8:44 6. L.A.B- Puzzle 142bpm 9:30 7. Dogma 3000- E2 138bpm 7:38 8. P.P.S Project- Spectral Beats 142bpm 6:44 9. Sweird- Techno Weird 138bpm 7:35

DJ Asherun, one of the veteran DJs in Israel, after releasing the successful Israeli Flip on Henfield on USTA, decided to work for himself and presents us here the first release of his own label- Dance N Dust. It's a blend of psychedelic and progressive stuff with tracks from various artists, some established and some new promising names from around Europe and Israel. It starts with Elastisch, E.L.F deliver a groovy and real scratchy tune with light melodic touches and a grabbing happy bounce that does wonders on the floor day and night. Insect Sun with another great tune from him that continues with the scratches with a massive kick-bass combination and an overall funky morning atmosphere. I love it. Then it's Triplex, which seems to be everywhere these days, with one of his favorites with me since Q6. Floating (T3) is a pure joy of rhythm games and strong groove and that drive that is always present in his tracks, all dipped in a dramatic atmosphere- a real irresistible stormer. Asher himself teams up with Visual Paradox to deliver Banana Lassi, a relaxed progressive morningish tune, nice but I don't like the sound. Matenda with Smotan (T5) continues in morningish housey feel that really doesn't do it to me. LAB with Puzzle (T6) offer airy atmosphere and catchy crunch with jumpy hi-hats, and a melodic ending. Dogma 3000 put things back on track with a sequel to E1, their track from Israeli Flip on Henfield. E2 (T7) is has a housey rhythm but builds slowly a grabbing hypnotic and quite psychotic track. Then it's uprising PPS Project with Spectral Beats (T8)- this is dark and intense right from the start with a strong sample. Energetic percussion, squeaks and tweaks and a lot of surprises, still to do on the sound department, but memorize the name. Then Asher & felix from PPS Project close things up with Techno Weird, nice relaxed one to ease things on the way out.

Recomendation:  A blend of psychedelic and progressive trance. A killer opening with the first trio, gets lost a bit in the middle, but back on track in the end. Nice new start for Asherun and Dance N Dust.

Favorite tracks:1, 2(!), 3(!), 7.

Review by : Shahar

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