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February 25 , 2024
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Israeli Flip on Henfield

 ( USTA ,  Jan. 2001 )

1. Dogma- E1 7:04 2. Parasense- Tape Label System 6:25 3. Human Blue- The Clutch 8:13 4. Aerodance- Kayo Dream Remix 6:21 5. Insect Sun- The Dream 6:39 6. Quadra- Alien Influence 8:55 7. Double Impact- Spice L.S.D 7:35 8. S Range- D.N.A Trackers 8:18 9. Artist Matenda- Fantasia 6:56

First USTA release of the new year, compiled by DJ Ashrun, a travelling underground Israeli DJ. An Israeli-Scandinavia-Russia melting pot of groovy scratchy psytrance.

The journey begins with Dogma's E1 (also released on the 12" together with S-Range), coming back after a long time. This is a most groovy piece and a great dancefloor material- there's nothing too interesting in the track apart from some sounds, and yet you can't stop moving your butt- groove! Then Parsasence are finally released here (T2), well, I'm not swept off my feet. The track starts very melodically, and takes a sharp turn to the more scratchy realms, staying in build up country. The sound is lacking a bit, I think. Human Blue with The Clutch (T3) are spooking us here, a real eerie and bouncy tune, and one of the best tracks here. A wonder though is that it sounds so much like PREX's Malfunction (from MDMA's Under Construction)- A remix? Plagiarism? Coincidence? Dunno. Aerodance (Parasense + DJ XP) in a really nice track (Kayo Dream remix, T4), that I'm informed is already a dancefloor hit. Well, it's a cute and happy morning tune with nice samples- nothing new but a good track. Again, that ping-pong kick kinda ruin it for me. In the fifth track the compilation takes a turn with The Dream by Insect Sun. A first release from a promising Israeli artist. This dream is totally different than the Kayo's- this is a slow and psychotic tune, with a lot of twists, and a complex story. The most interesting track here by far (though not an easy one!). Quadra shows us a new, much darker, side of his with Alien Influence (T6), though this new direction could be recognized in few tracks in his Digital Stimulant album released in Boom- screechy scratchy dark night track. Double Impact are a new Israeli pair that just released a 12" in Luna Music, and this is their first track on CD. This is a full on massive sound attack, hard and fast, yet very catchy and overall happy. Very good track (I'd loose that sample in the end, though). Anthony Silfors, master of crunch, is here again with DNA Trackers (T8), doing his thing in his groovy way, with flying funky scratches, recommended. Matenda (dunno where the "artist" came from, though he is one) ends this CD with a caressing deep scando sound, very Medium like, very soothing and a deserving chilling end.

Recomendation:  Good fun compilation of bouncy and jumpy party hits from old and new with a taste of some of the new Israeli style of trance. Worth checking out.

Favorite tracks:1, 3(!), 5(!), 7, 8, 9.

Review by : Shahar

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