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February 28 , 2021
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Janana 2 - Total Morning Trance

 ( Typhoon ,  Jul. 1999 )

1. Golden Fingers- Middle East Energies 7:55 2. Kintaro- Fire Dancing 8:25 3. Annanda & Sphinx- Full Power 7:19 4. Alligator- Monica Sex 7:20 5. Annanda & Sphinx- Sunrise Zone 6:47 6. Kintaro- Sculpture 8:13 7. Kintaro- Melody Land 8:29 8. Pocket- Lovely Day 8:07 9. Annanda- The Last One 7:24

This is a compilation of young artists, compiled and produced by Charlie Ben-Moha (Mystica). The opening track, Middle East Energies, is a big hit among lovers of this genre. The melody is taken from "Bataverna" a television show dealing with Oriental-Mediterranean music. Another version of this track appears on Holy Men's Nitch O Not CD under the name Nitch O Not. Production and sound are off course much better there.
Anyway, the melody is well-made, almost intoxicating, nice effects, good rhythm, great build-ups and downs. Fire Dance (T2) is by Kintaro (Amir Afargan, who is well felt in this compilation), who also made together with DJ Miko the trance version of the Israeli anthem, "Hatikva". The second minute of the track, the melody starts working, going along the track all the way. Halfway through the track breaks, and you have a sample of a divine voice leading to the big build up, accompanied by classical & electric guitar-like lines. Full Power, by Annanda & Sphinxs (who are also a part of Sycholoop and appeared on Salam Alikum), is pretty weird, a heavy start, connecting to an obscured melody that need's to be searched for- when you find it, you're really gonna like this one.
Follows, Monica Sex (T4), by Alligator, an unknown artist, like the name suggest, the track is covered with samples that are probably taken from a porno movie, a combination of sex and trance ?!? Nice try. A lot of ups and down here, a nice melody, but nothing special in general.
Sunrise Zone (T5), again by Annanda & Sphinx, starts with sounds that remind me a bit of Astral Projection. This is a very fast track with a lot of changing sounds.
Now follow two Kintaro tracks. Sculpture (T6), which opens with a sample that might be familiar to you from Bass Drops in Holy Men's C4. This track is just as good, with a lot of nice samples, like a submarine, stretching guitar chords and more. Melody Land (T7), is his best, a lot of effects and nice spooky samples, an electronic Debka.
Lovely Day (T8) by Pocket is an enchanting piece, opening hard and strong with the entire arsenal, this is my favorite here. It is hard to describe, but it has smart sounds and effects, without too many gimmicks- very special.
Ending the CD is The Last One, by Annanda, again Astral Projection like sounds open the track, then comes a build up, letting things stream along. Weird sampling of some mechanical bird. The second build up, really heats things up, trancing you till the end of the track and the CD.

Recomendation:  A quality release for the fans of this genre. The next generation of artists, new refreshing sound. Worth checking up.

Review by : Gal Hadari

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