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June 26 , 2019
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Mental Displacement

 ( Shiva Space Technology ,  Apr. 2006 )

01. Mechanix - The Rage - 6:44 02. Damage - Drug Zombies - 7:09 03. Shift - Don't You Know (Lemurians rmx) - 7:04 04. Mechanix - Neverland rmx - 7:22 05. Energetic - Light Way - 10:55 06. Hyper Frequencies - Erotica 7 rmx - 8:36 07. Neuromotor - Illumination - 8:05 08. Random - 2 x 4 - 7:42 09. Killer Buds - Digital Frequencies - 7:38 10. Lemurians - Dub Drones (PhasePhour rmx) - 7:43

Christer, the compiler of this release, described it as "a compilation where the dark full-on night music meets pure psychedelic with a hint of funk to it."
Christer is label DJ for two well-known labels: Shiva Space Technology and Mechanik Records. Also he's one of that old style DJs, the rare kind that tries to tell a history from behind the mixer instead of just playing the latest unreleased. There's a nice "thank you" message from Christer on the booklet. The mastering was made by no one else than Yaniv Shulman @ Aleph Zero Studios and sounds perfect. The cover is one of the most original and creative I've seem this year, not to mention that it is completely related to the album name, so I think it was an excellent choice. It was designed by Anna Karenina & Horacio Sorbarzo, great job guys!
The album begins with Mechanix (Eldad), one of my favorite night acts at the moment. Eldad has just compiled the Pump Fiction compilation, released by Yage Records, the guys is on his peak performance. I think it is safe to say that The Rage (T1) is a characteristic Mechanix track, carefully developed, well placed sounds, no explosions, the atmosphere builds up respecting the flow of the music. I just glide with a smile in my face while dancing to this music. Excellent choice to open this compilation. Damage usually releases good tracks on compilations, but I must admit I didn't like the samples of this second track (T2)... Rap-like samples which just don't do it for me. In fact, the track is not on my style. But after the middle it gets powerful and works on the floor. Some people will like it... I like Lemurians a lot, but I must admit it's been some time since I heard a new work from them. Well, this Lemurian remix to Shift (T3) arrived just in time! I'm breathless! Maybe it's because the bass here completely fills the space... The constant phantasmagoric sounds are really trippy and the high frequency noises are perfectly mixed. Very good remix! Uhmm, a remix to Neverland (T4)... The original was very good (and the Live version too), but this remix is even better. Starts with a sample from the movie X-Men 2:
"We are not enemies, but friends.
We must not be enemies.
Though passion may have strained,
It must not break the bonds of our affection."
Eldad kept the same good old samples, polished the bass and made a better mix. The result is groovy, builds up slowly, the track structure is very original, as well as the effects and the whole concept. This track is stronger than Eldad’s first track on this compilation, and I liked it even more. You know what they say: You can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a BASS! Mechanix never let me down, keep it up Eldad!
Energetic is a project from two Brazilian guys: Gabriel Guimil & Marcelo Espindola, Marcelo is also part of the Brazilian project Killer Buds. Light Way (T5) is the bigger track here, it has almost 11 minutes! Begins really light, a pounding bass and infinite background synth notes: the trap is set. Then we got the samples: "At this morning, you're being like a different person." A new bass and driving synth notes invite me to the dance floor. Around the 7 minutes some Energetic drops of insanity on the track... Good stuff, it shakes the dance floor before the break, so that during the break everyone is asking for more. Good one. This Hyper Frequencies track (T6) has a rolling bass and a lot of psychedelic elements on top of it. It is a steady track with no long build ups or breaks, just direct psychedely. It is a nice track, but not the best here. I'd like to know the samples... Neuromotor's track (T7) begins with a rolling bass and many effects quickly arrive. There's another bass line, the track gets slower like walking on water. Fred knows his business, and places the sample "Switch on the light..." together with some scream in the main break. Nice track, the second half is better for me. Random is releasing his new album through GeoMagnetic.tv and his track (T8) reaches me with some expectations. Good work on the snares, the bass and on the synths fighting each other on the first half and continuous flow until the end, no build ups, just straight a forward trip! Some times it may sound a little too noisy, but I liked the style and think it fits perfectly after the Neuromotor track. Killer Buds is only two guys now (but this track was produced when Enzio was still part of Killer Buds), they are from Brazil and this track (T9) is a good example of how their music is. Nice bass and synths, think of GMS but without cheese, that's how I describe the synths. I just don't like the silent break in the middle of the track. Near the end of the track the synths come back. Nice one. Closing this already successful album is the PhasePhour remix to the Lemurians track Dub Drones (T10). The sounds send me back to the past, to some of my first parties... This is well crafted emotional night music, so much rhythm! Near the end a flute-like synth mixed with some dirty sounds create an unbelievable tribal feeling. This is what I call an epic tune! Christer managed to make the crowd dance from one point to another with this compilation, the whole is bigger than the sum of the parts here, and I consider this compilation a success!

Recomendation:  I recommend this compilation for everyone who likes night music, in special for those who want some secret weapons to rock the floor. This release contains 10 previously unreleased tracks, almost 80 minutes of music, Christer really optimized the space! The tracks from Mechanix, Lemurians and the PhasePhour rmx are my favorites, and the others tracks fit perfectly into the concept of this album. What could be better for me is that the booklet (or a DJ sleeve) could have the bpms, other than that this is a wonderful, highly recommended night release.
Favorites: 1(!), 3(!), 4(!!), 5, 7, 8, 10(!!).

Review by : full_on.

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