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February 25 , 2024
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Mountain High

 ( Candyflip ,  Jan. 2004 )

1. Solar Fields- The Sight is White 7:25 2. Vibrasphere- All Green Seasons 7:22 3. Indidginus- Spiritual Spearmints 6:51 4. Triac feat. Sharon- Anticipation 6:43 5. J.viewz- Untracked 5:59 6. Kick Bong- Incense 8:48 7. Nada- Numbers 7:44 8. Cell- The Bushman 7:14 9. Intocyrcle feat. Wiama- Maui Tici Tici 7:01 10. J.viewz- Courage Wants to Laugh 5:51 11. A.E.S. Dana- Seaweeds Corporate 7:45

The compilation opens up with Solar Fields- probably the best artist to open a chill compilation with. Magnus supplies us with his usual, larger than life, engulfing atmosphere, with his strong moodiness, and big feel. Not an outstanding piece, but as all his stuff, it's just good. Vibraphere next continue in the same moody and full of feel atmosphere, adding an optimistic hypnotic beat and strings. Beautiful. Indidginus next (T3) with a Tibetan feeling track. I don't connect with this one really. Triac (with a friend)- the crazy producers of heavy tech-trance- show they have a softer side. Anticipation comes with sneaky rhythms, psychedelic squeaks and a beautiful touching all-around atmosphere. Follows J.viewz, with the first of his tracks here. Jonathan, known also as half of the successful Violet Vision duo, is about to make a big impact in the more loungey chill world, but first we get here a taste of his earlier stuff. Untracked (T5) is a tribal piece of psychedelicious downbeat music with the mind-twists, the musicality, and the chant and rhythm induced hypnotism. All that is needed for a great piece of music. One of my favorites here. Kick Bong continues with the tribal hypnotic feel with the monotone, yet totally gabbing Incense. Excellent. Nada next with Numbers (T7), continuing the psychedelic tribal feel with a beautiful track with a great story. Cell's next with The Bushman, another tribal piece in a more relaxed atmosphere. Greece is here as well (after all it's a Greek label). With Intocyrcle and Wiama, we stay in the tribal side of things with fast ever changing tabla work and a beautiful melody. Very nice one, though a bit weak on the production side. J.viewz is back at 10 with another beauty, tribal chants, rhythm changes, beautiful guitar and a bit of a loungey feel. Finishing this compilation, and taking us back into the atmospheric deeps is A.E.S. Dana with a beautiful trancey ambient track.

Recomendation:  Alex Candy has done here a good job for Candyflip's first chill compilation. Mountain High offers good organic sounds starting with the airy and venturing into more psychedelic tribal hypnotic realms. Good buy.
Favorites: 2, 4, 5(!), 6(!), 7, 9, 10.

Review by : Shahar

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