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June 19 , 2024
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Triac is the name given for a project of electronically exploration of sound, piecing together atmospheres and elements from different streams of electronic music, with a focus on the fields of techno, trance and psychedelic, but first and foremost with the love of the raw techno energies, in order to create a unique beat and energy.

Triac are Michael Reznik and Ilan Lanz, both from the south of Israel.
Back in late 1995, along with Philip Kripkov, they first started off making electronic music as a hobby. By the year 2000 they decided to go for a more professional direction under the name of Triac, and with the help of BLT, Psycraft and others they had worked in order to further their understanding and abilities to fit the music they wanted to do. Their production had matured, working incorporating elements and atmospheres from a wide span of electronic music in the creative process. Philip had then decided to focus on his ambient project Agalactia, the techno influences left to the Triac project in the hands of Michael and Ilan.

The powerful and driving beats and the evolution in sound continued, and during April of the year 2002, Triac had released their first release on Domo Records -
Which continued releasing their material along with other labels such as : HOMmega, Candyflip records, and the most recent partnership with Moonflower Production, when Abyss appeared on the Nocturnal Imprints compilation.

Triac will continue bringing their music, collaborations with other Israeli acts like BLT and Domestic, and continuing to work on their first full length album,
That will be ready this year.
There's still a lot left to explore, there will be more to come.

Triac Discography:

Triac - Sink EP (DOMO001)
A side - Sink
B side - Brain can dance

Triac - Totem, on Amalgamated amalgamation (HOMmega Records, HMCD24(

Triac - Sink, on Travelocity (Domo Records, DOMOCD001(

Triac - Realm of Shades, on Proper Blending (Domo Records, DOMOCD002(

Triac (Feat. Sharon) - Anticipation, on Mountain High (Candyflip Records, CFRCD06(

Triac - Abyss, on Nocturnal Imprints (Moonflower Productions, MFPCD001)

Triac Discharged, on Electroscopic (Moonflower Production , MFPCD002)


Web: http://triac.isratrance.com
Email: Triac@isratrance.com
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