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June 20 , 2019
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Naturall Frequency 1

 ( Naturall ,  Mar. 2009 )

1. Bitkit vs. Saigon- Shadowhunter 7:08 2. Tikal- Spaceship 8:25 3. Jharu & Apnea- Just Elsewhere 7:48 4. Lani & Didjetal Vehicle- Didjetal Vehicle (Jharu rmx) 6:33 5. Xerox & Passenger- Angel Kaya (La Mila rmx) 8:16 6. Chi-A.D.- Biocandy (Lani rmx) 8:14 7. Gowax- Jorunn 9:19 8. Fraktophon- Nachtvolk 10:24 9. Lani- Call It What You Want (live @ the Zoo) 10:11

Through soft valleys of bass and melodic sounds the debut compilation on Naturall compiled by DJ Jharu is born. The sound is delightful full on with easy-on-the-ear qualities and euphoric night time vibrations. When listening to the sounds of Naturall you get a strong feel of the labelís vision- honest music with warm smiles. Itís full on trance with that special psychedelic pinch which makes our sonic clock tick so sweetly. The delays in effects, well balanced layers and special feel in atmospheres make this ride extremely pleasant and comfortable. Behind the various tracks we have classic acts like Tikal (T2), who brings crisp effects and nice floating sensations; Xerox & Passenger with their old timer Angel Kaya wrapped in the new cute feel of La Mila (T5), with rolling sounds and a steady drive; And the legendary act Chi-A.D. remixed by Lani (T6) that makes the beat stomp harder and steadier. While maybe lacking the complicity in astral waves one would expect from Dave Young, Lani manages to push your dancing feet good while the darkness creeps upon you. You also get a couple of established acts. Bitkit vs. Saigon (T1) has one of the strongest tracks with euphoric emotions with a touch of old Yahel, and the end theme is amazing! The Lani track brings some cool effects wiggling with angelic choruses swimming in the air around you while a guitar leads the parade on to a serious place.

What is interesting for me in new labels are the new acts they bring with them when releasing a compilation. Here we get a couple of fairly unknown acts like Apnea (who also made the cover). The track by Jharu & Apnea (T3) has some interesting floating atmospheres that makes the music hypnotizing and exciting. Didjetal Vehicle together
with Lani (T4) brings some wicked dancing didgeridoos to the table. The more mysterious sound producer, Gowax, uses some very pleasant and haunting sounds that I know Iíve heard before, and I love them. Jorunn (T7) is for me one of the best tracks here because of the haunting atmospheric vibes with the mysterious rush flowing through your veins. The track by Fraktophon really reminds me of Talpa with that piano intro and as the track progresses we have hints of the closing doors known in old Infected Mushroom, and then it sounds like something that tries to imitate an Infected vibe that Iíve heard plenty of people try before without that special accomplished result. An OK attempt on both the didgeridoo and Infected track, but fails short on the overall package.

Recomendation:  Fresh full on trance music with some nice and honest psychedelic influences guaranteed to charm your socks off and push you towards the grass in moonlight to make you dance in delightful trance. It has varied results throughout with tracks that are nearly there and some tracks that are nice but fails overall. This is full on music that isnít covered in white hyper powder but instead plays on real human emotions in that danceable psytrance fashion. Itís an interesting release and though it isnít groundbreaking in any way, it does the job and gives you pleasant smiles. Enjoy.

Favorite tracks:1(!!), 3(!!), 7(!!).

Review by : Psytones

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