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June 26 , 2019
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Neurology 3- Compiled by DJ Edoardo

 ( Neurobiotic ,  Oct. 2009 )

1. BLT- Suspended Animation 138bpm 8:45 2. Sonic Species- Bend the Future 140bpm 8:35 3. Zen Mechanics- Hallucination Generation 142bpm 7:35 4. Tron & Chameleon- Phatty Bom Bom 144bpm 7:57 5. Earthling & Flip Flop- Aah Yeah 142bpm 8:47 6. Mack & Dimitri DKN- U-Turn 140bpm 7:16 7. Headroom- Vistarama (Polaris rmx) 144bpm 7:34 8. Flip Flop- Cheque One (Everblast rmx) 143bpm 7:56 9. The Antidote- Syncopath 142bpm 7:34 10. Joti Sidhu- Point 142bpm 7:44

This is the third on Neurobiotic’s Neurology compilation series, all of them compiled by DJ Edoardo, the owner of Neurobiotic Records. I must mention I never really enjoyed the previous releases of this compilation series. However, this compilation was highly recommended to me by people with, theoretically, good taste, so I decided to give it a try. Let’s see how it worked for me...

The first impression was good, the artwork is clean, well executed and describes well this compilation theme. The first track is by BLT, which has not released something new in quite a while, but I suspect this is an old track (which has its ups and downs). Sonic Species is next, delivering a carefully engineered straight forward dance floor track that sounds like Zen Mechanics, just a little more packed. Definitely works on the floor, but not my taste. Next we have Zen Mechanics with a very characteristic track named after a movie and having everything you could expect, groove, action, smooth breaks and take over... The samples fit well: “Join the world of the Hipsters, the experimenters who try anything stopping only at the outer edge of nowhere”. The repetitive “Hallucination generation” sample kinda annoys me, but this is still a favorite here. Other favorites are Tron & Chamaleon that deliver a track a bit more complex and the Polaris remix to Headroom which is rich in small details. After his ground breaking album released by Neurobiotic in June, The Antidote couldn’t be out of this compilation. The track here, Syncopath, goes along with his serious and hypnotic album material, it is great to see this stuff in the Neurobiotic line up. The downside is that this track was already released in The Antidote- White EP.

Overall, the album is solid, however I still miss more stand out tracks that makes me go wild. I must admit that I had high expectations regarding Joti Sidhu (which was a big disappointment), and even Dimitri and Flip Flop, both of which presented OK tracks (Flip Flop’s collaboration with Earthling has a bit more spice in it), but you know, they are sort of “big names” releasing in a “big label”, so I think it is normal to expect something big from them.

Recomendation:  This is probably the best release in the Neurology compilation series. It is packed with some solid dance floor shakers, as well as some more controlled and meticulous stuff. Recommended for the full on heads and to most people into Neurobiotic’s recent releases.

Favorite tracks:3, 4, 7, 9.

Review by : full_on

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